That week went fast.

Today is Sunday and we’ve just returned to our house in the city after a glorious (and very warm) two nights at our house in the country (sort of). We spent all day yesterday doing things we love – photography, laundry, barbequing and relaxing.

Today we did a bit of work around the place – pruning, washing the car, weeding. Oh sorry, this is all sounding quite boring. Anyway, here’s my Sunday Shadow Shot. I took it yesterday, along with about 100 other shadow shots!

This is so nice and easy to be a part of – you can join in by checking out Hey Harriet’s blog. She lives in Brisbane. We’re taking my parents to the plane tonight and that’s exactly where they’re headed. What a coincidence…

Tomorrow is a holiday!!! Might see you then.



  1. I love this shot. The shadow makes such a great pattern.

  2. That’s a beautiful shadow shot! Thanks for stopping by..

  3. Beautiful shadow shot 🙂

  4. Great shot of a hot seat!! Thanks for dropping by. Just back from almost 2 hours in the Lagoon, should set me up for another hot day.

    • That lagoon looks so tempting. We’re south of the river and to tell the truth I couldn’t be bothered fighting the crowds at the beaches. We will head down to the river later for dinner and sunset!

  5. Wonderful my Darling xxxxx

  6. sounds like you had a relaxing and enjoyable day.

  7. A lovely shadow shot & your time in the country sounds like bliss! I hope your parents enjoy their time in Brissy. It’s a little wetter than usual here today. Which I’m quite enjoying! Have a great week!

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