We have a holiday today in Perth. There are probably lots of outdoorsy things we could/should be doing but it is sooooooo hot. We are in the middle of a heatwave!

So, we have stayed inside on the computers and it is after 3pm already. Peter has been writing a card to his okasan, his first host mother in Japan from 35 years ago. He read it aloud to me, first in Japanese and then in English and we were both in tears. We miss Japan so much.

We miss the:

1. Shop fronts, 2. Architecture, 3. Vending machines,
4. School kids at the temples, 5. Maneki Neko, 6. Cute little children
7. Cute young people, 8. Cloud-shrouded mountains, 9. Usagi
10. Dogs, 11. Sake, 12. Sashimi
13. Toilets, 14. Ekiben, 15. Cats
16. Fresh, seasonal produce, 17. Cakes, 18. Way of making mandarins special
19. Umbrella holding bike riders, 20. School photos at the temple, 21. Giant Koi
22. Water lilies, 23. Souffles, 24. Stilettoes
25. Fugu, 26. Starbucks, 27. Uni (sea urchin roe)
28. Fresh wasabi, 29. Loving, giving people, 30. Beautiful families


5 responses to “MISSING JAPAN…

  1. Now you have me missing Japan!

  2. Thanks! And you won the paper cutting book! Do you mind dropping me an email with your address. Ta!

  3. It’s still cold here in Furano. I am expecting another 30cm powder snow for weekend — it’s snowing right now!

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