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Today is not our last day!

So I tell myself to cheer up.

Tomorrow we are leaving Desamuda and moving to Hotel Pearl.
We were supposed to check out of here on Tuesday, but managed to extend the stay for three nights.
They have nothing available for tomorrow night, or we would have stayed the whole time.

We had a booking at Hotel Pearl anyway and they were OK for us to just come for the one ‘night’ if you can call it that.
Our flight is at 1.30am Saturday morning, so we will only be at Pearl for a matter hours.
And we will be right there with one of our favourite restaurants at our doorstep?
Looks like we have a ‘programme’!

So we’ll be making our way down to Jalan 66 at around 2pm, saying goodbye to the beautiful staff of Desamuda and our 143 square metre chunk of paradise, being villa 26.

Saying goodby to the swanky boutiques of Jl Basangkasa where a little retail therapy today assisted in boosting my flagging spirits of yesterday.
Saying adieu for now to Cafe Moka, Bali Deli, Chill, the friendly men working on the boutique on Jl Kunti (‘Come back next month’, they say, ‘It will be open!’), the people peeling garlic, the dogs, the cats, the hilarious bird that is singing his little song right now (can we please take him home with us?), our cheeping mouse and our walking frog and all the other elements that became a part of Bali Escapade 2011.

And then?
We don’t quite leave!!! 🙂

I’m feeling one last flutter of joy (those tears this morning were nothing) because we won’t be going straight to the airport.
How fortuitous!
The interlude at Hotel Pearl, as short as it will be, will be welcome reprieve.
It will trick us into some kind of happiness, until we have to make that sobering drive to the airport.
I refuse to think about that at all right now!
My mind is already tricked! See?

That doesn’t alter the fact that there is quite a lot of stuff that needs to be stuffed into our suitcases tonight.
We’ve already been online upping our luggage allowance – 25 kg each – just to be on the safe side.

And I will not stop checking my emails every hour to see whether our flight has been cancelled.
I remember all the times in the past when I wondered what would happen if you just never turned up at the airport.
Someone must have done this before me.
Surely I wouldn’t be the first.

But I have my strong (responsible) man with me.
He will make sure I transition from Bali to ‘that other place across the ocean’ with minimum trauma.
He will do whatever it takes.
He actually sees it as his mission (strange man, he is)!

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here, though.
All this talk of leaving and we still have well over 24 hours left.

Today saw us holding on tight to our routine.
Late, late breakfast, coffee and reading at Bali Deli, change money (rate is 9050/$1 today), jalan jalan wherever our feet took us through the puddles, photography, no lunch, back to villa, relaxation, wonder where to for dinner.

And that’s where you find us now.
We’re going to be disappointing and once again not go to Sarong.
(I bet the day we do go there, we will kick ourselves for not going sooner).
We’ve decided to return to Cafe Degan.
I’m excited. Yum, can’t wait!

Peter has trotted off to book the complementary transport and can you believe it? Run off to Bali Deli again, for some wine.

Exciting stuff hey??

The time has come…
One last lighting of the lavender scented mossie coil.
Our signature fragrance fills the air and I wait for my strong man to return with the wine…


Couple of hours later (sorry I didn’t post the last bit earlier!)

We have returned!

For our SECOND LAST dinner we returned to Cafe Degan!
This place is beautiful.
So peaceful and calm.
The staff are gorgeous – true Bali friendliness.
I want to work there!
Our waiters, Kadek and Apri remembered us from the other night –
Mr Peter and Miss Megan –
They melt my heart – I don’t know if it’s intentional.
It could be.
Neither of them was even born when I first came to Bali.
Most people weren’t!
But they are ‘old Bali’ friendly, flirtatious and beautiful!

Tonight we ordered the obligatory chicken in pandan leaf (if you come here and don’t have it, you’re missing out, big time!)
We had chicken fried rice and the true piece de resistance from the Thai side of the menu; beef curry.
We will talk about this one for a long time.
It was very much like what we call Massaman Beef.
Oh my, it was sooooo delicious!

We will remember the desserts too, for a very long time.
Peter’s, a chocolate type of cake with a passionfruit brulee topping!
Impossibly delicious!
I don’t think I can describe mine and do it justice (remember I’m not a food writer) but here is the picture and I can tell you it was deluxe.

How we have loved this restaurant!
The things that make a place special for us (as discussed over dinner tonight)?
The food, the service and the value.
Add to that the ambience and the convenience and the ‘welcome’.
We found all this at Cafe Degan.
This is the Bali I love!
(unlike last night)

So here we are, back again at our villa.
I’m just noticing how tanned my hands are.
Oh, obviously that is a ridiculous thing to throw in for no reason.
But I want you to know how much better I feel tonight and how wonderful today has been.

I am not ready to go home, don’t think that for a minute, but today was one of those Bali days when nothing much happens outwardly, but inside the heart feels restored!

‘Om Bali’ -I think I called it last time.