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It sure has been a while since I last posted. Again, I wonder where the time went and did I actually do anything worth telling about? I guess I will just start with today and work backwards, or not. We’ll see how we go. Stream of consciousness stuff, I think they call it.

Today the sun is shining outside, weakly, but shining it is, as it has been all winter. But this winter has been so, so cold. I can’t remember that we have ever had our Arctic-strength doona on our bed for more than a week in past years. But this year – icy, for at least the last month! I think that having the ceiling fan on and the balcony door open until the last minute probably ensures sub-zero temperatures for most of the night.

Anyway, maybe I can use this miserable chill as an excuse for my lack of enthusiasm for just about anything really. I’m over it! I want sunshine and I want warmth.

Actually, I haven’t mentioned that we will be in Bali in just over two weeks. As in, this time in two weeks, I will be packin’ our bags, gettin’ ready for our nine nights of tropical bliss. This will be my sixth trip to Bali, the first being in 1982 with my Mum. 1982?!!!! That’s like 28 years ago!! There’s one word I want to say here but it’s not nice and it starts with an ‘S’. I can’t believe I was even walking 28 years ago, let alone, trekking off to Bali and when I say I went with my Mum, I wasn’t a babe in arms or anything. I was 17 and very independent and all growed up like. I went again a year later on my own! Well, kind of on my own. It was with a whole bunch of people I had met the year before!!

So this time? It will be my sixth time and Peter’s second. His first time was for a honeymoon, but that is a whole ‘nother story and not a happy one to share with the whole world.

So this time? It’s gonna be different. We are going to have THE most lovely, relaxing, warm time. This will be our first holiday together, where we DO NOTHING!  N.O.T.H.I.N.G! Which means when we arrive at our villa, we stop, we don’t move, we don’t have to worry about catching trains…

or what we will have for lunch…

or lugging suitcases through town or getting up ‘on time’ or repacking our suitcase, trying to fit yet more purchases (hmmm, actually that might happen). However, in saying that, I am looking forward to some wicked shopping and some fabulous dining and some more wicked shopping and more fabulous dining and maybe a bit of sight seeing.

I do want to, and I want Peter to, experience some of the beautiful ‘real’ Bali, which will mean heading out of town for a bit. I think I will be a bit sad if we don’t do that. Like the time when I was 13 years old and was allowed to attend the Perth Royal Show without my parents. I thought, ‘how very cool’ to just hang out in sideshow alley and not have to do all that boring, kids’ stuff like looking at the cat and dog shows, the CWA cake and quilting displays, the baby animals, Scottish dancing and log cutting competitions. But, when I went home, I felt like I had only ‘half’ experienced the show and I was sorry not to have done anything ‘real’ – just spent the day riding the Chipmunk, eating fairy floss, buying show bags and looking ‘too cool for school’, as only a thirteen year old girl can.

So, yes, Bali, here we come! I must brush up on my Indonesian – bagus, terimah kasih, tidak mau!! Haha, that should get us through. I won’t be anywhere near the interpreter Peter was in Japan!

So, how do I transition from these tales of Bali and the Royal Show, back in 1978 to today? With difficulty. Does anyone else spend their time thinking about things of the past, whilst waiting for things of the future? Or is it just me? Present life is really just work and weekends. There is no time for much else. The present always seems so trying.

Today is Saturday. We have a ‘Saturday Routine’ as my sister calls it. We go to bed late Friday, we sleep in Saturday, we get up between 10 and 11am, eat poached eggs on toast (two each) with fried ham (for some reason I believe this is healthier than bacon), I make a coffee for us both with the ‘machine‘ (latte), we sit at the dining table on our computers if we’re in Perth and online, or if we’re in Dawesville, I read the piles of local papers our neighbours have kindly tossed over the gate during the weeks we have been away and Peter does things on his computer that don’t require internet connection, then around 2 or 3pm I decide what’s for dinner, we go off to the shops to buy ingredients and return home just in time for ‘champagne cocktail hour’, I cook dinner and we watch something; TV or a DVD…… phew!!! Saturdays can be exhausting!

Today, however, Peter broke from tradition and mowed the lawn (the good old communal lawn, that only he cares about). He did such a good job, but that is usually part of the ‘Sunday routine’ when we’re in Perth. So tomorrow?? Who knows. Last Sunday we worked around the place. I, selfishly, attended to our own garden (as opposed to the communal area). I wanted to ‘Japanise’ (is that a word?) our little (tiny) garden, meaning I wanted to make it sweet, cute and a little bit colourful. I did my best and Peter said it looked soooo Japanese. Not the traditional ‘pagodas-and-sculpted-azeleas’ Japenese, but the sweet, cute, colourful Japanese. It looks better than it did, anyway and a nice change to come home to. Coming home now there is a little light left to enjoy what beauty we have around us.

So there we go! I feel as though I’m writing a thousand word essay here, but please, it has been a while. I guess I just have to accept I’m never (well, not for the time being anyway) going to blog every day. I’m not going to take photos every day of every little thing. I have a life (sort of). Maybe not a blog-everyday-worthy life, but somewhere along the line, it gets lived and occasionally I am willing and able to share a bit of it here.

I have dreams too, and I’m prepared to live them. Just when, is the question. We press on though and try to remember and acknowledge that there is so much beauty that surrounds us every day. The blog world has taught me a bit about looking out for it and appreciating it in a more poetic way. It’s a world I would like to be more a part of and will be. In the meantime, laundry needs to be hung out, beds need to be made and there is no cold wine in the fridge. So here we are; 10pm on a Saturday night, remembering beauty, remembering dreams that can come true and just holding on to that…….



It’s nice to have dry feet at last.

I’m sorry, this is going to be short and sweet. It is after 11.30pm here in beautiful, wet (but drying out, I hope) Kyoto.

NIJO-JO (from under the umbrella)



Heian Shrine



Afternoon Tea Souffle


Good night all. God bless you..