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During the week, I had an idea that I would take you on a tour, not necessarily of my bookcase or even a book, but a tour none the less. I was thinking along the lines of a tour of my clothes basket, or the back yard or even the run-down, ancient, communal laundry that we use when we are at our house in Perth. All very interesting tours that I will probably embark upon at a later date.

This week, though, I have my Nana’s “Recipe File” to tour you through. My beloved Nana! She died when I was ten, so 34 years ago. Sometimes I think about her and still miss her. My Mum reminds me of her a bit now. I hope my Mum doesn’t read this!

So somehow, I inherited my Nana’s recipe file and there are things in here that are old and things in here that aren’t recipes. There are also ‘newer’ recipes from the 80’s that I have added, but never cooked from. It would have been when I was all young and inspired and wanting to cook like a pro but probably only ever reached “Apricot Chicken” level.

So let’s start with the wedding invitations.

My parents wedding – August 1964. Obviously I didn’t put this in here. It could have been Nana or it could have been my Mum. I always forget it is in here so every time I find it I am surprised anew that I have a blank invitation to my parents wedding at Orro Church and afterwards at the Married Quarters. I always check the date to make sure I wasn’t born until much, much later – 11 months to be precise!

The other wedding invitation was from my cousin’s wedding in 1981. I was 16. My sisters and I were all invited and my Mum made us all new dresses to wear. Mine was a mushroom pink, chiffon (something floaty) skirt and top. We were just little girls, but thought we were so grown up. I remember that there was a view (from The Room With a View Function Centre) straight into a window in a neighbouring apartment block. There was a woman in that room and she should have drawn the curtains, but she hadn’t and I won’t say any more. It was just such an adult thing to be invited to a wedding and not as a flower girl!

Other items of interest in Nana’s Recipe File? Something old (written on an old diary page from 1949!)

Plenty of recipes for ginger beer and/or pickles. Do people still make ginger beer? I vaguely remember explosions in the back shed. I’ve always been kind of scared of ginger beer.

Mock chicken – I’m sure everyone knows how yummy this actually is, so don’t laugh.

There were a few other ancient scribbles; Weetbix Crunch and Coconut & Cornflake Crunch were probably interesting lunch box treats that my Nana made for my Mum. Or possibly not. Then there was this mysterious little unnamed recipe, typed up beautifully on a manual typewriter. Come to think of it, I may have had to do this as a typing exercise back in the early 80’s. Beautifully formatted, although I don’t think it was called formatting back then.

So that’s a tour of Nana’s Recipe File for this weeks Bookcase Tour Tuesday. If you visit Kimono Reincarnate she may have others you can view. If not, never mind. Next week I will take you on a tour of Nana’s Beauty Case! Yes, I inherited that too!




I have an old book – first published in 1975. Now, I know this was before many of you were born and I also know this was not so long ago for others; myself included. I was 10. Peter was 20. Why does that sound kinda shocking? What a scandal!! A 20 year old dating a 10 year old!! It is so weird that it becomes OK when he is 50 and I am 40. Too funny…

Anyway, my old book – I bought it from the second hand bookstore. I asked Peter if I could buy it actually. I really liked it, but thought I should get permission from the man. He is a wise old man, twice my age when I was 10, after all! Of course, he said ‘yes’.

OK, here it is. It’s kind of daggy, but I love the old-school style, not trying to be something it isn’t. “Every Australian Bird Illustrated”. Honestly? Every single bird on this continent, illustrated? I could hardly believe it possible. But so far, I am yet to see a bird and not be able to find it’s illustration in this book!

On the dust cover it declares “The most comprehensive book of Australian bird illustrations for more than sixty years”. But that was 35 years ago so does that mean “for more than 95 years” now? My oh my, how time flies (Oops! Please excuse the pun).

All birds from our Dawesville garden
1. Blue (Splendid) wren, 2. Grey Fantail, 3. Silvereye

Birds in our Perth backyard and surrounds
1. Magpie, 2. Black Swan, 3. Pink & Grey Galah
4. Willy Wag Tail, 5. Honeyeaters, 6. Just filling in the space

A bird I have heard but never seen (in Queensland) – Bell Bird (they sound much prettier than they look)

Birds I saw when I lived on Christmas Island (an Australian Territory, so it still counts) – Boobies

A bird I haven’t seen but would like to – Bird of Paradise

See what I mean? EVERY Australian Bird – Illustrated!

“Every Australian Bird Illustrated” was published by Rigby Australia.

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Please don’t think I’m bragging here, not that the bragging rights are mine at all, anyway. My husband, the author, can take full credit because I didn’t even know him when he co-wrote this book. Not that I would have been one ounce of help, even if I had been around, apart from cooking his meals and washing his clothes while he slaved away on his ground breaking creation “Obento Deluxe”.

In his words “Obento Deluxe is a way of using natural skills like listening and guessing as the avenue to speaking Japanese. Simple mnemonics are then used to teach reading through pictures.This is ground breaking because it takes very small amounts of recognition and turns them into enough understanding to communicate.” In Peter’s words “it just works.” OK, I was about to stop him there anyway! Thank you my love!

Obento Deluxe, Student Book, Workbook & Student Audio CD, Audio CDs and Teacher’s Resource Book by authors; Peter Williams, Sue Xouris and Kyoko Kusumoto. Cover photo by Aaron Pocock. Illustrations by Yoko Fujita, Mami Yamanaka & U-Suke.

Melanie, at Kimono Reincarnate holds Bookcase Tour Tuesday every Tuesday (or Wednesday, or Thursday) so pop in for a look and add your own book to the bookcase!


I remembered this week. Last week was a long weekend, so I got my days all wrong. Sometimes I wonder if these little forgetful moments are a taste of bigger things to come!

Anyway, let’s forget about that.

I have a book to show you. Another book that we went to Japan to buy – Ikebana – A Fresh Look at Flower Arranging by Diane Norman & Michelle Cornell. I know! Not very Japanese sounding, but to quote from the book “Diane Norman is a master of the Ohara School, which is known for its modern interpretation of traditional styles. Michelle Cornell has an art history background, and together they have written a book that brings ikebana into the twenty-first century, explaining how its sculptural qualities and calm creative techniques are perfectly suited to today’s interiors, as well as being an ideal antidote to the stresses of modern living.”

I’m assuming the Ohara School is in Japan. Apart from that, I felt for a westerner like myself this book would be a perfect introduction to ikebana, since I have an obsession with the vases and need to learn what to put in them!

I’ll stop with the photos now. They’re not very good, I know. Sorry. Either the camera was on the wrong setting (and I can’t remember all the instructions) or it was way too late in the day when I got home to take them. It is such a beautiful book. We bought it at Kinokuniya Books in Shibuya.

Anyway, I hope you get the idea. You can join in the Bookcase Tour Tuesday event at Kimono Reincarnate and see beautiful photos of books taken by people who remember how to use their camera from one day to the next!



These two books live permanently on our coffee table. Every page contains a work of art, none of which I own and I probably never will, but the books are enough for me. They were free, by the way!

Tiffany & Co. – The Blue Book 2008-2009

Tiffany & Co. – The Wedding Book

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