This time next week…..

The first thought that entered my head when I woke up this morning was
‘Oh, my God, why am I putting myself through this?’

I like to start every day with a talk with God, but today my mind flew straight to where I would be and what I would be doing next week, hence the question.

I will be waking up in a stranger’s house.
I will be in a country millions of miles away from home.
I will have to get ready for SCHOOL!
I will not be waking up to anything familiar.

….and the scariest of all, I will have caught three planes and a bus to get there!

Again I ask
‘Oh, my God, why am I putting myself through this?’

Peter says I can blame him, which I do anyway.
(Thanks for now giving me permission to do that, Honey)

So, I’m being pathetic today.

There are lots of reasons for ‘putting myself though this’
and every single one of them is good.

This is just the beginning of the adventure and whatever comes my way and however things turn out, I can handle it and I will be brave and I will not turn into that little eight year old, paralysed with fear at starting at a new school in a new town.

That was 38 years ago.

Here I come!


3 responses to “This time next week…..

  1. I’ve been meaning to comment for a while about how excited I am for you!! I know you’ve been to Japan a number of times, but I think it will be great to have a little experience of the place on your own. And going to classes over there – ok, now I’m really jealous!

    Have a fabulous time, I know it seems a bit scary at first, but you’ll come back feeling so much stronger. Embrace the things you see along the way when you get lost, because it still happens to those of us who’ve live there for years – but I always believe that it’s just taking you on a different path to see things you wouldn’t have otherwise.

    Oh my, enjoy the food, enjoy your “home” and “family”, take a gazillion photos for us to see..

    Seriously, I’m almost jumping out of my skin in excitement for your “going alone to Japan” adventure!


  2. Have a wonderful time, M!

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