What can I say?

….other than ‘day six is half an hour from being over’.

We’re getting up into numbers that are displeasing – maybe that explains my mood tonight, or it was a genuinely weird night?

Peter offered to pop down the road and pick up a take away pizza.
Yep, I thought, that sounded like a pleasant change and possibly an earlier night than usual.
Then he didn’t go straight away.
Then I said we may as well go there together and dine in.
Then I said ‘if we’re going out, then we might as well go somewhere decent’.
Then he said ‘Well, I feel like pasta!’
So I suggested we give Ultimo a try.
I had also suggested La Lucciola earlier, but it looked and sounded like we were in for another very wet night.
We were both happy to give it a miss.

The upshot is that we went to Ultimo.
My friend had said it was a good place if we were sick of rice and wanted some nice Italian.
She failed to mention that it is very much the place to be seen and obviously very much the ‘in scene’.
The food was great – I will give it that.
Sitting in the smoking section, surrounded by non-stop, puffing, bleached blondes – not so great.
Being moved to the non smoking area and listening to a middle aged ‘English gentleman’ suffering from verbal diarrhea, trying to impress his Balinese ‘lady friend’ – kinda tedious!
I don’t mind slow service, but in this case, the surroundings made me want to eat quick and get outta there.
The prices were reasonable.
So, great food, reasonable prices – it should have been a good night, however this whole ‘scene’ thing – it’s not for me.
There’s something pretentious about it that I’m sure Bali never intended being.

The place was packed. So don’t listen to me.
I’m just in a weird mood.
But I do feel like I just went somewhere other than Bali!

Anyway, we walked home.
There has been no tropical thunderstorm this evening.

Here is our day in photos – please click on an image to enlarge.
(Sorry for being so slack)!

We did even less today than yesterday – didn’t even make it to Bali Deli for coffee or Chill for a massage.

We went wandering down Jl Drupadi, bought a couple of dresses, a laundry hamper and ordered a leather bag.
Did I say ‘we’?
Well Peter was wandering with me.

We took more photos.

We drank the Hattens red sparkling wine.
It’s OK.
Both of us have commented on how we have had worse, however, I probably will stick with the white.

We even gave ‘housekeeping’ a day off today.
We hung around the villa a lot.
I made the bed myself and had a swim in the pool (must be in a weird mood).

I think we need an early night (at least before 1am).

So selamat malam, until tomorrow.


One response to “What can I say?

  1. love the kiddie shots. you’re sounding a bit jaded.tour in the country is recommended!

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