As Night Descends on Day Five…

Bali evening is this –
Every shade of grey racing across the sky, where blue had been rimmed with dark, dark, rain-laden clouds for most of the day.

Birds we’ve not seen, but only heard commence their sunset chorus.
That hilarious bird that sounds like a very talented person whistling!
We crack up every time we hear it!

And later on those little ‘cheeps’ that we thought were birds or maybe fruit bats, but have discovered are mice. We have our own here, he ‘cheeped’ at us, just so we knew who was boss. That’s how we know what the ‘cheeping’ is.

Frogs will begin their evening worship, interspersed with the occasional ‘yapping’ (I know it’s supposed to sound like barking) from the geckos as they congregate on the walls, hunting.
Above the high walls of our ‘compound’ we see more billowing clouds roll across the sky.

Soon night will fall, the birds will become silent, the water feature feeding our pool will be turned off and a new kind of ‘silence’ will descend, broken by the ‘cheeping’, ‘yapping’ and the rain that continues to fall.
Perhaps if we were from somewhere other than Perth, this rain would be an annoyance, but as far as I’m concerned, I would travel to Bali just for the rain!
The lightest wind blows.
I say ‘It’s cold.’
Peter says he’s going to take a dip!
Chillspresso plays on..

I would love to tell you that today was different and exciting and outrageous, but I guess you already know it wasn’t.

Oh, here’s something new!
We did get up a little earlier and we did make it to breakfast.

Then our routine kicked in.
We walked to Bali Deli, had our lattes, then walked to Chill and had our treatments.
The girls at both establishments said
See you tomorrow!!

Then, we caught a cab to Carrefour.
I had wanted to go there since last time, so now we can say we have been.
It was interesting and enjoyable.
We bought a couple of cheap little things like Pringles, incense, more soap and a dress.

So there you go! Our big Bali Escapade for the day.
My mum says we should go on a tour and look at a temple on a cliff.
I just asked Peter if he would like to and his response?
‘Not really’.

We’re not your typical tourists.

So we’re back on the sofa, rain pelting on the roof, glasses full, computers on laps.

For those who have been wondering about our ‘bubbles’ (Funny! On most holiday blogs people would be asking about things like tours, but no, not on our Bali Escapade blog!)

Hatten Wines!

Tunjung sparkling white –
‘Bali’s original winery is producing quality local wines expressing true aromas and flavours of the Tropics’
Tunjung is made from Belgia grapes, enhanced by elegant Muscat fruit aromas. The wine has a crisp, clean, acid finish with a hint of citrus. This wine is a complement to all food styles especially Asian cuisine’
11.5% alcohol

OK, it’s dark now.
The rain is heavier than ever!
Even if the birds were still singing, we wouldn’t be able to hear them.
I actually can’t hear a thing over this rain!
It’s awesome!

We’re going to Iichi Japanese restaurant in Jl Kunti for dinner.
Wish us luck! We might have to swim there!

See you later..


One response to “As Night Descends on Day Five…

  1. Im really enjoying your blog.I wont be going until next year[India first!] but you are giving me a real feel fo Bali.
    Im hoping to go for three weeks so I can really chill out.
    Looking forward to tomorrows episode.

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