Dogs of Bali II

We are (sadly) about half way through Bali Escapade 2011.
However, that will not be the focus of today’s blog!

I looked at the blog from last time and thought it was about time for an update on the Dogs of Bali. It wouldn’t surprise me if I have photographed some of the same dogs. We are in a different part of Seminyak this time (about a kilometre further up the road) but I feel like there might be some familiar faces in there!

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When I look at the dogs of Bali, many proudly showing off their up-market collars, the evidence that Bali has changed is most clear.
I remember back in the early 80, dogs were like the walking wounded around Jl Legian, many having come off second best in their encounters with vehicles. Strange really, because I know there are thousands more cars now than there were then.
I remember also, open drains along the side of the road.
Wounded dogs, open drains – not a pretty picture really, so yes things have improved, although glimpses of the old Bali are still evident and that is not a bad thing entirely.
Thankfully the dogs look a little loved these days.

Our escapade began today, even later than the days preceding.
We didn’t even attempt to make it to breakfast in the hotel restaurant
(finishes at 11am)!

We headed straight to Bali Deli for a bite to eat and lattes.
We again lost ourselves for about half an hour in our reading matter.

That has been quite different from last year.
We worked out that it is because breakfast last year finished at 10am, so we had to make sure we were up and about much earlier.
We would have breakfast and head straight out for a massage and whatever other adventure took our fancy (roaming around in the ‘gangs’) and made sure we were back by 2pm for rest, relaxation and sun baking.

This year, well, there’s not much point in returning home with a sun tan.
Winter is on its way to Perth, so I’ve heard, so there will be limited opportunity to parade slender, tanned limbs!
(Even if I did possess such limbs).

We have been staying up way too late, thus sleeping in way too late and the block out curtains and air conditioning this year are far superior to last years.

We’re older!

Ahhh, so to today’s activities.

Warning: very boring!

As mentioned, brunch (more like lunch) at Bali Deli.
They were all out of our sparkling white (I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned it on the blog!)
Quelle horreur!

We thought we would be brave and adventurous and try another place for our reflexology/acupressure massage and I really wanted to try the hot stone massage, so we went to Soothe in Jl Kunti. It’s very near Chill. Chill don’t offer hot stone massage.

Well, we gave it a go.
Peter’s response when I asked him how it was, was a hesitant
‘it was goo-ood…’
My response was similar.
Actually, my response was ‘I just don’t think I’m that good with the whole relaxing massage thing’.

Yesterday’s massage was a mix of panic (initiated by the loudest clap of thunder I have ever heard in my life) and the need to control my urge to demand that Eka stop digging his fingers into my back, which tickled more than anything, but hurt sometimes.
According to Chill’s advertising ‘The world will recede as you relax to the sounds of your own iPod’ (I could barely hear my ‘own’ iPod over the thunder and rain!).
I’m no good!
The world did not recede.
I could still hear it.
I could still feel it.
Don’t get me wrong! Chill is good – really good.
We’re going back tomorrow.
It’s just me.

That brings us to today’s massage – The ‘Warm’ Stone Massage.
The blurb – ‘The penetrating heat will leave your body feeling euphoric’
The stones were H.O.T!
Again I used the power of mind over matter and that made it bearable (as long as I couldn’t smell burning flesh all must be good, right?)
Euphoric is not the word I would use to describe how I felt afterwards.
Relieved is probably more accurate.
Don’t get me wrong – it was OK.
It’s just me.
As I said, we will go back to Chill tomorrow!

Dinner – Ryoshi.
We’ve decided Ryoshi has seen better days and we’re looking forward to trying something new in Japanese dining – stay tuned.

And here we are again.
On our computers, on the sofa.
Tonight we ARE going to have an early night.
We’re a bit worn out..

So, it’s over and out, until tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, Peter is wanting to hijack the blog again.
Who would have thought?
He’s been taking some very interesting Hipstamatics for you!
Stay tuned!

PS: Sorry we didn’t do much today….
…will try harder tomorrow.


2 responses to “Dogs of Bali II

  1. You really should take a TOUR to some fascinating little temple place high above sea level!(Iread about these places)

  2. When you come with me, we can do that!
    I suppose it would make the blog a little more interesting…

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