Day Crème brûlée – BUT WHO’S COUNTING?

A Crème brûlée day, in case you’re wondering, is pretty near perfect.
Most days are Vegemite sandwich and that’s just fine but every now and then a Crème brûlée day comes along, or a Crème brûlée week, if you’re in Bali and that’s where we are and that’s what we’re having –
Crème brûlée, every day!

I’ve left it pretty late to start the latest installment of Bali Escapade 2011 but I’ll do my best to recount the last 24 hours.

Yes, we went to Mannekepis last night.
It’s easy walking distance from where we are and since we had left it until 9pm for dinner, seemed like the most rational choice.
The place was buzzing when we arrived, with live jazz, the sweetest wait staff, many an interesting patron and a unique menu (Belgian).
We sat on the front veranda, drank mojitos and Singapore Slings, dined on prawn and calamari fritti, followed by chicken vol au vents and prawn salad.
It was all very nice.
I would like to return.

Most of the night it was drizzling ever so slightly.
We can’t get enough of the rain.
We swam when we returned, in the rain; just floating around in the lukewarm water with big, cold raindrops falling all around us – heaven!

Now we’re up to today – day three of Bali Escapade 2011.

Off to a late start again, we decided to cut straight to lattes at Cafe Moka. We skipped breakfast in the hotel and began our intake with banana pancakes (who could come to Bali and not have banana pancakes?), mixed juice and coffees.
We lingered for about half an hour, absorbed in our respective reading matter.

We left at about lunch time, as you do in Bali, where time means nothing.

Massage time!
Chill again.
This time I went with the Classic, as did Peter. It makes him ‘tingle’ you know?
I am a tense person.
(Those who know me will be nodding their heads right now.)
We were ten minutes into the massage.
It is an acupressure massage, so not your typical Balinese massage.
It’s interesting.
If you think acupuncture (with needles), then replace those needles with fingers, that’s kind of what you get with acupressure – a little uncomfortable at times!
So anyway, 10 minutes in and I’m using the power of mind over matter to deal with the little needle fingers and out of nowhere comes this almighty clap of thunder.
Only, me being a tense person, believe there has been an almighty explosion somewhere very close by.
The needle fingers don’t even falter.
I can’t help it. I have to lift my head, frantically searching for either reassurance or evacuation instructions.
Husband is face down. How could he sleep through the needle fingers and an explosion?
His massage therapist smiles at me, actually laughs.
OK, OK, it was thunder.
I remember my earlier observation;
‘Look at that sky, honey! Looks like we’re in for a thunder storm.’
Relax lady!!
I manage to enjoy the rest of the massage, with the sound of thunder and pounding rain on the roof.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll go back to the reflexology or try out hot stone somewhere!

Our next stop was Bali Deli.
We needed to replenish our supply of bubbles (yes, Hatten’s sparkling).

Also decided to stop there for a snack, instead of trying to brave yet another tropical downpour.

Great satays, great staff, as was the outlook.
I could become very used to all of this!

Can you believe it was almost time for cocktail hour by then?
I can’t!
I especially cannot believe it as I type this, that we got up, had breakfast, had a massage, had an afternoon snack then discovered it was cocktail hour.
Where, oh where do the hours go?

I forgot to mention that we have changed our booking and extended our stay here at Desamuda by three nights.
We were supposed to be heading to Hotel Pearl on Tuesday.
We’re not doing that now.
We’re staying put.
We’re in the flow and that’s where it’s taking us, or not taking us,
as the case may be.

Don’t think we didn’t do anything worth reporting today because we have just returned from dinner at Cafe Degan in Jl Petitenget (I can’t pronounce this, even with my mastery of the language!)

(Yes, darling it is nearly 11.30pm and we don’t have to go to work tomorrow and we are going with the flow, so take that thing offfffffff!!)

Anyway, where was I?
It was deluxe.
The restaurant is beautiful.
This is where Crème brûlée comes into it.
Not only my dessert, but the whole evening!

The food!
The decor!
The staff!
Following the waiter to the pastry kitchen!
Choosing our desserts!
And those desserts! (that we had no room for but managed to consume every last morsel)
The bill?
About $52!

That brings us right up to date.
Coming up to midnight -another early night.
Rain still falling.
Lavender mossie coil burns on..
Dari Bali 2 Chillpresso plays on..

And here we are.

Going with the flow…

Time for a midnight swim..


4 responses to “Day Crème brûlée – BUT WHO’S COUNTING?

  1. What a life! I’m starting to think that Icould cope with it.

  2. As I read of your lovely day my shoulders began to relax and I felt the slowness and beauty of where you are… thanks for sharing!

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