Where to start?
It’s not even 10pm and here we are at our villa, computers on laps, the day almost complete.
We’re off to a very good start as far as I’m concerned
NO STRESS today –
none at all.

Peter’s words to me (that make me a bit sad, ironically) –
‘You know what I love most about Bali?
That you are truly happy here.
I get to see you truly happy’.

OK, yes, I accept that.
Now all I want is to bring this happiness back home with me and be truly happy all the time, but it takes about 5 minutes to be reminded that I have to clean my own house, after I have been away from it for ten hours every day. I have to earn money and I have crazy, mean neighbours who I encounter daily instead of beautiful ‘good morning, thank you, have a good day’ smiles and bows.
Yes, I think my neighbours need to bow to me.
That might make me a bit happier!

Oh yes, HELLO, you’re probably not interested in the dysfunctional environment of everyday, non-holiday life back in Perth.

We’re here to talk about Bali, right?
Today, the first day of Bali Escapade 2011!

Well, we woke to bright, bright sunlight, when Peter opened our TOTAL block out curtains.
Haha, you thought that was the beginning but it was only 7.15am and we closed those curtains and slept a little bit longer until 9.15am!

Next time we opened them it was dark and pouring down the most delicious, tropical rain.
Oh, how this delights us Perth people!

Non-stop, heavy, prolonged, torrential.
Well, it delights me, anyway and Peter is beginning to agree (smart man he is).

‘OH!’ we thought.
‘We’re housebound. How terrible (not)’
We were able to make it to the restaurant for breakfast using an umbrella – so far so good.

The rain eased and our mission to find a decent coffee seemed achievable, so we headed off to Cafe Moka. It was crowded and Peter had the pleasure of sharing his latte with a ‘big back’, who had no concept of personal space.
I think it’s an Aussie thing.
We need a lot of personal space.
Anyway, it was good for a laugh (for me anyway).

Then we wandered and found ourselves in Jl Kunti (don’cha love that name?).
With my expert knowledge of the streets of Bali, I informed Peter that Bali Deli was just down the road and indeed it was.
Peter was thrilled that we had yet another convenience store at our disposal.
Bali Deli is better than anything we have in Perth.

It reminded us of depachika in Japan.
We found everything we ‘needed’ there.
Including our old faithful, ‘Wine of the Gods’ and a Bali sparkling wine, (don’t mock us here, people) Hatten Wines, Tunjung, Sparkling White for IDR219,000. It was more drinkable than the duty free Chandon, Cuvee Riche! Ewwww, yuk!

We also discovered ‘Chill’.
Last time we were here it was recommended and I love how we wander and find these places (eight months later – that’s so Bali).
We checked it out and took a menu and decided to return later.
We continued our wandering, but having bought a couple of bottles of vino at Bali Deli, wandering was becoming a little more like lugging so we split up, me returning with the booty to Desamuda and Peter racing down to BMC to get us cashed up again.
The exchange rate today? 9060 IDR to the AUD.
We’re rich!!

OK, so then what?
I took photos on the way back – putting together edition two of ‘Dogs of Bali’, ‘Cats of Bali’ and ‘Sidewalks of Bali’ albums.

We returned to the ‘compound’ with our supplies, I dealt with a couple of ‘real life’ related emails and Peter went out taking photos in the dwindling rays of sunlight which were rare today.

Winding up now; dinner at Bale Bali.

Oh, I forgot to give you the ‘Chill’ report.
Oh, oh, oh…..


Here we go:

For me: The Classic
‘Transform your day with a relaxing combination of reflexology and acupressure. This Classic Chill treatment concentrates on the feet and ankles where tension and fatigue are stored and finishes with the neck and shoulders to give your whole body a powerful sense of well being.’

For Peter: Chill Out
‘Lay down and chill out for an hour and experience a deeply relaxing full body pressure point massage. By concentrating on stimulating and clearing the energy pathways in the body, this revitalizing treatment will leave you feeling totally chilled out!’

We’re these lofty promises fulfilled?
Oh yes!
All for $38!!
Peter’s words? ‘I’m tingling’.
How sweet…
Later he also recounted to me how his ear phones had fallen out at some stage and he went to put them back in and the masseuse said
‘Massase pinish
(that’s how they say it), Sir’.
He didn’t realise they had taken the ear phones out to do the head massage at the end, but he had drifted far, far away.
Tomorrow I’m having what he had.
I don’t ‘tingle’ as willingly as he does, but mine was pretty, bloody good too. What a gorgeous place this is!
I recommend it for a massage with a difference.

That brings us to here and now, past midnight.
This is going to be an early night for us.
Tomorrow we plan to do what we did today.
Taste and see!

We are marveling at how ‘at home’ we feel.
We’re loving the vibe.
It’s even better than last time.
Now we’re talking about returning every six months!!?

And the lavender scented mossie coil burns on….


5 responses to “DAY ONE!!

  1. just wanted to say that I am enjoying your blog.
    Im hoping to visit next year and already have a feeling for Bali.
    enjoy your time!

  2. Thanks Megan – I enjoyed that – you do have a way with words 🙂

  3. what’s to say? glad you’re loving it!

  4. I love reading your experience over there! Makes me feel like I’m also there and enjoying the tropical island. 🙂

    Kaki-no-tane!! Sure, shopping is one of the most exiting thing while in Indonesia, isn’t it?

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