We awoke again to bright sunlight, closed the curtains and re-awoke two hours later at about 9.30am.
We’re loving our air conditioner and 100% block out curtains, oh, and our incredibly comfortable king sized bed.
We don’t have any of these luxuries at home (we do have a king sized bed, but it is uncomfortable),
peasants that we are.
We’re always too busy working to worry about them.
Who needs block out curtains when you get up at sunrise anyway, or a comfortable bed, when all you do is crash in it at 11pm and bound straight out again at 6.30am.
Yeah, why not save all our money so we can have holidays in Bali that we appreciate all the more, because of our deprivation back home!

So there you have my twisted thoughts for the day.

Now onto Day Two of Bali Escapade 2011!

We began late, as you have already heard. We made it to breakfast by the 11am cut off time, just.
From there we let the day roll of it’s own accord (excuse me while I go get a glass of our delightful Hatten’s sparkling white – Peter is doing work emails – he needs me to slap him hard – oops)!

Back again!
Our kitchen is so cute here, I feel like I should cook something in there – have a dinner party even.
I’m sure we could find someone to invite!

Sorry, I digress.

From breakfast we went straight to Cafe Moka for our lattes.
We both commented that this might have become our ‘Starbucks’ of Bali; our  tradition.
We also commented that that place could be the place for many hours of entertaining people watching.
At that time though, we felt the need to push on and go exploring in the North!

We crossed the road, took about 10 steps and found ourselves being ‘welcomed’ into New Planet Beauty Salon & Spa.
Peter did need a haircut and I had left my toe nails untouched for just such an establishment.

How I love the way things flow here.
No planning, no appointment required.
Just cruising along.
It feels very much like the Bali way, but I’m sure it’s not this easy for everyone all the time, especially the locals.
We are so blessed to have our nine days of it and that’s what I keep trying to tell myself.
Nine days of going with the flow.
We are only up to day two – there are many more to come.
Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic!
There is no rush.
Sit, sit, sit!
Where do you need to be?
Nowhere – absolutely nowhere!

So, trying to ignore my ridiculous thought patterns, I left with my bright shiny toenails and smoother-than-a-babies-bum heels and headed back to find Peter.
He was just coming out to meet me with sunscreen and water so we could begin our trek North.

We wanted to find Jl Laksmana (Eat Street).
We thought it was just up the road a couple of metres but I think we took a wrong turn or actually had no idea where we were going.
Anyway, we eventually found ourselves in Jl Drupadi.
I looked in a dress shop.
As you do when you’re a bit lost but going with the flow.
Peter was hot.
He sat in the air conditioning pretending he was interested in dresses.
We left, saying ‘terima kasih’.
I really don’t think I need another maxi!

We walked some more, lost, and then we began to see names that sounded familiar to me, Ultimo,  Nirvana, Cafe Bali.

We decided to make a pit stop at Cafe Bali for a mixed juice, edamame and tempura prawns.
The decor was lovely, the food average.

Peter said he wasn’t hungry but that he would sit with me if I wanted to eat. ‘Really?’ I said, ‘How kind of you’.
I find the things he says quite bizarre sometimes.
Anyway, he ‘sat’ with me and we drank and ate.
When we were leaving I grabbed their card and lo and behold, we were in
Jl Laksmana!
We headed off again with renewed vigour!

I was looking for restaurants I had heard about but I don’t even know if they are in that street or further north.
I guess it was a bit cruel of me, especially since it was quite warm.
We reached Seminyak Square – pretty uneventful (other than finding yet another convenience store) and then travelled, still on foot, in a direction that I thought would get us ‘somewhere’.
I didn’t know where exactly, but I just wanted to see, so we walked and we came to paddy fields and cows and chooks and I began to think we may have walked a little further than intended and ended up in the country side somewhere.

I recalled our very long walk in Kyoto and how we ended up in the Gion district and there were all the things I had read about, the kabuki theatres, the gieshas, the Pontocho.
I hadn’t thought we would go to the Gion but there we were!

Then I remembered we were in Bali and there is no ‘Gion’ and the further north you walk the less civilization you will find and I knew Peter had had just about enough of my exploring, so we stood on the side of the road and waited for a Bluebird taxi, which, of course, did arrive within minutes.

It was a long ride home.
I didn’t realise how far we had walked and poor Peter was completely disoriented.
He reassured me that that does happen to him sometimes.
I felt comforted.
It wasn’t the hours of walking in the sun!

Anyway, by then the hour was late (about 4pm).
Even though I am in Bali, going with the flow, I knew if I was to have to lie still now for an hour being massaged I would begin to panic that it was cocktail hour and want the massage to hurry up so we could get back to the ‘compound’.
So we decided to exchange more Aussie dollars, buy another bottle of bubbles and high tail it back to the ranch.

That’s where we are now and have been for a couple of hours.
(Yep, sitting on that very sofa!)
Peter has taken a dip in the pool and is STILL responding to work emails as I type.
I really do need to slap him.
He’s hopeless – Mr Indispensable!

We might go somewhere close by for dinner tonight. I noticed Manekepis down the road.
I might go into Trip Advisor and see what people are saying about that lately.

Oh the flow…….. the flow.
Another day of tasting and seeing.
We’ve done so little today, but it feels like so much.
A day of going nowhere and everywhere.
Going with the Bali flow…

Tomorrow we might take it easy…….

And the lavender scented mossie coil burns on.

And the Chill CD plays on…..


2 responses to “BALI ESCAPADE 2011 DAY TWO!

  1. I know you’re not trying to make people jealous, but, oh dear, a holiday would be just so welcome just now. Well anytime really! Since I’ve been O.S. just once in my life, just 2 1/2 years ago, I think I ‘deserve’ it, yes? Anyway, glad you are getting into the Balinese way and having a great time!

  2. Thanks Beth. I hope you will get a holiday soon. Bali, for us people who live in Perth hardly rates as OS. It is closer and cheaper than travelling anywhere in Australia. How blessed are we?!

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