Bali Escapade 2011 Begins

It feels like Bali Odyssey 2010 only just ended and here we are again, for Bali Escapade 2011, less than eight months later.

I think it would have been appropriate to have black tank tops screen printed, announcing just that. However I would have felt slightly inadequate next to Rick’s 30th birthday party (ers) whose tank tops claimed (prior to reaching Bali) that they were going ‘hard and fast’ in Bali celebrating Rick’s 30th.
This proved to me without a doubt that 30 really is the new 18!
Anyhow, they were down the back of the plane and we were up the front.
I wonder if they knew Air Asia was a ‘dry’ airline. Not my idea of going ‘hard and fast’ celebrating me mates 30th!

Aside from all that uneventful rabble raising, the trip was quick and painless. Our landing was delayed slightly because of a VIP event at the airport.
I think the president was in Bali. Perhaps I am wrong.
I find it slightly disturbing that he should come to Bali.
I don’t know why; maybe just my mistrust of politicians in general.

As every smart person does when they arrive, I raced to the VOA counter and turned to direct Peter to equally race to the immigration line, however there was no one for him to line up behind.
We were the first!!
We were through within minutes and waited about 10 for our luggage to arrive on the carousel!
What a dream run it was!

Before we even had time to think about it we were out of the airport and in our cab, surrounded by the familiar sights, sounds and aromas that fill our senses and our hearts to overflowing.
We feel the humidity, like warm, welcoming arms wrap around us.
Why does it feel like ‘coming home’ every time for me (maybe the Christmas Island connection) and I know Peter feels something too.

We are carried past all those familiar sights and through traffic that is bedlam (but not as bad as peak hour in Perth, lately) and it feels like we never left.

Desamuda has exceeded all expectations.
We were cautioned by a couple of people, yet others raved about it.
I’m raving now!
Our villa is amazing!
I just asked Peter how many square metres but we can’t agree so I will just say it is more like a ‘compound’ than a villa.
This one has WOW!! factor.
Last year we thought our villa was nice, but this one….
I will post photos when we have daylight for them.

Quickly now, Ryoshi for dinner – felt like we were there only last week.
Bintang Supermarket for supplies; tonic, beginning of soap collection to take home, coat hangers (sad, I know), Pringles, ohhhhh and Bintangs.
The fridge is fully stocked.

We’re in full swing.
It feels like we never left.

Signing off for now – husband is falling asleep at his computer.
We didn’t sleep too well last night – excitement??
Cat and rain.
Yes, rain in Perth is so rare that it wakes you up and you exclaim
Stray cats jump onto the balcony, demanding to be let in, out of ‘whatever that wet stuff is falling out the sky’ and Meanie and Peter get NO sleep.

By the way, I have my first ‘stray cat away from home pet’.
And we have a frog, and a baby frog and a mouse!
Lots of photos of all this to come and the villa!!!
You’ve gotta see it.

I don’t want to leave.
Six hours here and I’m already panicking about leaving…

Sweet dreams all.
Oh, you’re probably already doing that.
See you tomorrow for day one of Bali Escapade 2011!!


3 responses to “Bali Escapade 2011 Begins

  1. M,

    You know I’ve never actually been to Bali before (just a transit at the airport once), but I’m really interested going there now. I’m planning to have a trip to Bali with my dad when Hiro is little older. 🙂

    I understand the feeling that you just arrived there but are already worrying about the day you leave… You really must love Bali!! I remember you said you want to live there in future.

  2. Tracey Alwayswanttotravel

    Yeah let the blogs begin!

    I am excited for you. Can’t wait for more. Loving the pics too.

    I get the same feeling of dread about leaving when I arrive and my girlfriend stated simply be in the present only and enjoy. So everytime my mind wandered I just drew it back in took, a big Bali breath and smiled.

    Have so much fun.



  3. Hi Ume,
    I think this would be the perfect place for you to come with Hiro and your dad. It’s so relaxing!
    There are a lot of shops that remind us of Japan. We just bought kaki no tane at Bali Deli. I tried to buy it at Nippon in Subiaco but they had no stock! It is our traditional holiday snack, ever since we had it in Japan!

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