A Slightly Melancholic Friday

The day started as it does, in a daze (what’s the sun doing up so early?), today with Peter returning to our bedroom at 6.30am after his hour or so ‘quiet time’ downstairs, with God, while I sleep a little longer.
He says a quick prayer with me. We do this every morning that we can.

Some mornings I am so vague, I stand in the shower, hair dripping wet, wondering if I have just washed it or if I am just about to.
The only way I can tell is that the comb I use has been tossed over the shower screen door and is lying on the mat.
That’s what I do with it when I have combed through the conditioner after having shampooed.
I don’t remember always being this vague!

The traffic!

It is definitely worse than it has ever been.
Today I was able to make an easy entry onto the highway, only to be stopped metres down the road by the first traffic jam of the journey.

What has happened in Perth?
Does every single person now own a car? Does every single person travel in that car, one person per car, into work every single day at 7.30am?
I don’t know what it is but it has definitely become worse!
These were my thoughts on Tuesday too (everyday actually) and I decided I would take photos of my journey that day and blog about it, but when I arrived at work I discovered that there had been a massive, deadly earthquake in Christchurch and the traffic jams didn’t matter anymore.

Nothing happened to me that day.
I went to work and I came home.

There are people still trapped, people still missing, people still waiting, an agonising wait

This life is a blessing, never to be taken for granted and if at all possible, never to be complained about.

Today the traffic was no different, but I was.
Stuck again for about the fifth time, a fat cat smiled down at us all.
Someone has a sense of humour.

Thank you, funny person, for reminding me that the traffic doesn’t matter.

Neither does the heat.
Although, it is wearing people down.
Even though, it is relentless.
For some it is worse than others.
I wouldn’t want to work outside in this heat.
But again, we are blessed.

We go to work. We come home.
Nothing happens to us.

The day progresses as it does; neither bad nor good.
Some customers waste my time. I delete their waste-of-time emails.
Not much happens, but at least I am cool in the air conditioning.
It would be too hot even at the beach today.

I read a heart wrenching blog about a little girl who has just died of inoperable brain stem cancer.
I don’t read it all. I need to look when I’m at home and tears will be in private.
Suffering reminds me.
Reminds me again, that life is a blessing. Every living cell of it!

It’s Friday in an uneventful week for us.
Tonight we will relax because that’s what we do on Fridays.
We’ve made it through another week.
We celebrate!
Celebrate because we’ve made it through another week!
Made it through relatively unscathed.
Watching, safe in the bleechers, while the treacherous game of life is being played out all around us.
Waiting for our turn to step up to the plate.
Hoping to hop, skip and jump all the way to home base where we can jubilantly declare ‘HOOOOOOOMMMME FREEEEEE!

Happy Friday,  all!
And remember always to count your blessings and help others count theirs too!

By the way, I took the long way home today.

All the love in the world.


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