A New Year – A Post Too Long!

I haven’t posted since November last year.
Naughty, naughty!
If WordPress shut down inactive blogs, ours would surely be closed by now.

I really don’t know why I have been off to such a slow start this year.
It’s not as though nothing has happened, or that I feel disenchanted with blogging or even that I have been lazy and sitting in front of TV instead of communicating with the world.
I guess I would describe it as ‘sleep mode’ and today I thought it was about time I WOKE UP!

So, November…
The jacaranda bloomed. It was Spring and it was beautiful. Spring disappeared way too quickly, after all the waiting and wishing we did all through the cold Winter months!

Now we are in the midst of yet another relentlessly hot (and these days, humid) Perth Summer.
We would have forgotten what rain looks like, had we not spent six days in Queensland at the beginning of January. Actually, make that seven. It was supposed to be six, but turned into seven, with us spending much of the sixth day trapped by flood waters, unable to reach the airport and subsequently missing our flight.

What a long story!
I don’t think I will go into it all here, again. Suffice to say, it was a very wet, quite exciting, sometimes scary holiday, but the overriding feeling all along was that we really were the lucky/blessed ones, because we did eventually fly home, away from all that water and it’s wrath, back to dry, hot, old Perth.

We achieved half of what we went there for.

That was to celebrate my favourite Uncle’s 70th Birthday with him. It was a very special night. A night to be remembered on many, many levels;

It was an alcohol free event (and we come from the ‘drinking’ side of the family), but that didn’t spoil it one little bit. (I remember the days when my Uncle and Dad would drink themselves into oblivion, but Uncle got ‘saved’ and Dad, so far, hasn’t been).

I hadn’t seen some of my cousins for, oh, probably 20+ years!
And I had never seen their children!

My Auntie’s sister flew over from NZ for the party, only to be admitted straight to ICU, where she remains today. She will recover and is being flown back to NZ next week (straight to their ICU).  She arrived here with the beginning stages of Guillain-Barré syndrome. It is still running its course through her body. But she will be OK.

The rain stopped long enough for us to walk five minutes from our hotel to the Birthday party!

Oh, and it was a night filled with so much love; love for my Uncle and love that my Uncle has for his friends and family.
Tangible love!

There were other ‘highs’ on our trip.
A few little things we planned were achieved, whilst some things just had to be put in the ‘too hard basket’ due to the weather.

We both met our first ‘fellow blogger’, Melanie, from Kimono Reincarnate! She was exactly as I knew she would be. I felt like I already knew her. We had coffee and talked for two hours. Then we had to go because I had a hair appointment (waste of time in that humidity). I would have loved to have talked for longer.
“Of course you would” sighs Peter.

We caught up with my best friend and her husband.
They were life savers on the night we were stuck. We would have had to sleep in the car, in a carpark at a road house in Beerburrum, but we hit the highway and made it further north to the Sunshine Coast (hahahahahaha) and spent another night with them!

I took Peter to my birthplace in the Glasshouse Mountains (but the rain was non-stop, torrential for two days and we couldn’t visit town and certainly could never see more than 100 meters in front of us, therefore never even glimpsed the Glasshouse Mountains)!
Well actually, I lie – see below:

From there, things went downhill.

Think lots and lots of water everywhere!

Poor Brisbane.

We flew out of there with such mixed emotions, vowing to return soon.

That was the highlight for January – our six day, that turned into seven day, holiday in Sunny Queensland!

Let’s skip ahead now, to the latter half of February.

Oh, I forgot to mention the renovations!
They were ongoing from about October until when we returned from Queensland in early January.
I think the renovations were what eventually stopped me from blogging (well, sounds like a good excuse to me).
There was always so much mess to clean up when I returned home every night.

It was worth it, though. The house has been transformed! We feel like ‘real’ people now, as though ripping up 40 year old vinyl, putting in some Ikea cupboards and conveniently positioned power points, replacing old doors and painting over the yellow of the early 90s, can somehow make us more ‘real’ than we were prior to the renovations.
But it has.
We have a kitchen bench (Ikea), the funkiest, most excellent, kitchen stools (Ikea), a tall pantry cupboard (Ikea) where the microwave is now hidden and very cool overhead, glass fronted cupboards (Ikea) that open and close like the overhead storage compartments on a plane!

Can you believe this? We have light fittings (Ikea), where we had lived with exposed light bulbs in some rooms for as long as I have owned the place, which is a long, long time.

Do you see now, why we feel ‘real’?
(Please don’t think I think you are not ‘real’ if you live with light globes sticking out of the ceiling where a light fitting once was, maybe 20 or so years ago).
I’m just sayin’…

Now, I’m about up to date.
But it sounds like not much has happened in the three months that have passed.

It has though.

There was Christmas and New Year.

We spent about a week at our house in the ‘country’.
I had nothing to do there and I didn’t handle the sudden cessation of activity all that well.
I really needed to do something to occupy my mind, but I did nothing and languished around, feeling too tired and dizzy to even attempt anything.
Enforced rest I guess.

We saw in the New Year with prawn sandwiches and a game of Scrabble.
Of course, I let Peter win.
We drank our bubbles up way before midnight, but managed to stay awake to welcome in 2011 together.
Lovely! Just as it should be!

There have been Birthdays.

Peter’s spent in a carpark in a road house on the side of the Bruce Highway in Beerburrum!
Sorry, my love.
We’ll have a better one next year, OK?

My mum turned 75 this month too.
That’s fairly momentous, I think.

There’s been our 5th wedding anniversary.
Another momentous event!
We spent the night at a Ryokan.
Yes, in Perth!
Hmmm, now there’s another blog post in the making.
Almost forgot about that one!

And there has been work, work and more work,
getting in the way of the things we really want to do.

So, let’s skip ahead to now.

We spent Friday night and most of Saturday at our ‘country’ house.
Whilst there, we stayed up late watching TV, we slept in late, we had our weekly treat of ham and eggs for breakfast with lattes I have time to make, we pruned some trees, filled up the birdpaths, did three loads of washing and just enjoyed the peace, privacy and space.

Back here, in the big smoke, on Sunday we went to church and spent the afternoon in the garden, me adding to our potted food garden – rocket, lettuce and strawberries, Peter sweeping and cleaning up the communal driveway.
There was grass growing in the piles of leaves on the bitumen.
Interesting, but probably not the most cared for look.

I think when we are all gone from this earth, it will be taken over by cooch grass. It will grow through everything and on everything and in everything.
If you stood still long enough, it would probably begin to take root under your toe nails.
It is a most invasive and annoying grass.

And here I go!
Rambling on, like I do.
But enough for today.

I will not be updating our blog on a quarterly basis!
I think I’m back in the swing of things and as I have been typing away, lots of things have come to mind, that I want to share.

Actually, lots of things have come to mind that have been wonderful and I’ve realised that we have done things and been to places (and stayed home) that have been exciting and worthwhile and share-worthy.

And my excitement for blogging is growing from a flicker to a flame again.

And I’m smiling, thinking about the good things that will happen, like our trip to Bali in April and our long weekend in March and our fruit and vegies growing in their pots and rain that will come and Autumn with it’s cooler, more pleasant days and Winter and the doona we will put on the bed again.

Blogging is good for the soul.
It’s helps us to tap into what is beautiful, hidden a little deeper than we remember to look.
It somehow makes the mundane important and concentrates life into short stories that are worth telling.

I have missed you, I think!

Welcome to 2011!




5 responses to “A New Year – A Post Too Long!

  1. Welcome back!
    Glad to hear that your holiday in QLD was ok.. I mean, there must have been some trouble caused by the weather, but you could spend time with your family!

    I didn’t know there was a ryokan in Perth… In Perth?!

    The renovation sounds great… but so many IKEA! lol

    • Thanks Ume!
      The ryokan is called Ryokan Wabi Sabi and is in Kalamunda. I can’t get onto their website right now, but I will do a blog post on our night there soon. It was very interesting and authentic. We loved it!

  2. I was beginning to wonder…! I had to find other lunchtime reading material for the whole summer! Nice to have you back in my day 🙂

  3. Welcome back to blogging! You have been missed, but at the same time, I never like to pressure.

    It really was wonderful to meet you and yes, I could have also talked for much longer, we will next time 🙂

    I love the renovations! And I totally get what you mean about now feeling “real”. We haven’t felt so “real” where we’re living now, I continue to long for a place of our own that we can do up.

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