Where else on a Sunday, but church?
Twice today;
once to worship
and a second time to St John’s in Fremantle for a recital
and this is where my shadow shot comes from
(well, I can listen and take photos at the same time!)


To view and participate in Shadow Shot Sunday
a quick visit to Hey Harriet is all it takes!


Wrapping up Sunday.

Just munching on a wild hibiscus flower.

Tomorrow renovations continue.
Fridge is in the lounge room.
How very convenient for bubbles top ups,
but not so much for reaching for the butter

Our music from Restaurant Pearl plays on, not really in the background,
because it’s Sunday evening.
Our little, private party time.

Peter has flown to Sydney and back, we have been to church twice and now,
finally time to rest and recreate!

Ready for Monday
and another week!

All the love in the world.


5 responses to “SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY

  1. A lovely shot….and so serene!

  2. I love St.Johns church, used to live in Freo. Hope you can make it up to Yanchep.

  3. magicalmysticalteacher

    The shadow hunters
    implore, “Give us light, give us
    eyes to see—and more!”

    SSS: Antlers

  4. Knew you’d use that one! Perfect!

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