There can only be one winner!

The draw did take place on Wednesday
and that’s as far as I got, I’m afraid.
So here we are, Friday evening, with the sun well and truly nudging the horizon, which happens to be a beautiful blue, oceanic horizon,
and I am finally about to announce the winner of my
Blogtoberfest Giveaway!


I thought, rather than use the random number generator, I would go with the good, old-fashioned method and draw a ticket out of the barrel, or basket, in my case.


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Congratulations Leonie! I’ll contact you for your address details, Lovely!

I’m kind of relieved it was an address in Australia, but thank you to everyone, from around the world who visited and commented on my blog during Blogtoberfest. I found some great little blogs which have made it into my blogroll and others which I definitely will pop into whenever I have a chance.

Now, I can slack off on the blog again!
Ha! I’m joking.
I suddenly just don’t seem to be able to make time.
Well that’s for this week, at least.

Our renovations are coming along marvellously!
I have dirty, smelly old floor boards in the kitchen, which, by Tuesday will be transformed into fresh, clean, Travertine-look vinyl tiles.
We have a giant hole in the bedroom ceiling.
Yes, that is the little surprise I came home to today,
which, I hope on Monday, will also have done a vanishing act, and
I have a house full of fine dust, as though someone has taken a full container of Johnson’s baby powder and proceeded to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze every bit of it out as they walked through the house.
I am NOT exaggerating!


I am standing at the kitchen bench blogging, because our dining table is covered in every piece of glassware we own, covered in the Johnson’s baby powder dust.

We have a Body Corporate meeting at our house, at that very dining table, on Tuesday night, so my lovelies, I am signing off quick smart.


I seriously have work to do.
By the way, Peter is on a plane to Sydney, so YAY!! I’m ‘batching’ it. What a perfect opportunity to….

Spend the night cleaning up ‘baby powder’ from every conceivable household surface, both inside and outside of cupboards and any bags that were left open!

YAY!!!! He’s back tomorrow night!

All the love in the world 🙂


PS: Honey, if you’re reading this, I have Buddy & Friend keeping me company, so don’t worry about me! OK!


PPS: Bubbles and camembert don’t taste the same without you!


One response to “There can only be one winner!

  1. Woot! Thanks ever so much. Have emailed you with my address, can’t wait to see the goodies in person 🙂

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