Today was our ‘Church Fete’.
Only these days, when we can’t say the word ‘church’ and we don’t mention ‘God’ it is more acceptably known as the ‘Spring Fair’.

The church fete used to be such an event.
Nowadays it is much quieter.
Shhh..(I think we can do something about that for next year.)

We bought heaps of muffins!
Haha, Peter was determined to have his own super chocolate muffins that I made last night. Poor darling. He did so well holding off and it was so kind of him to buy muffins I had made! I hope he likes them.

Peter also bought a cat scratching pole.
Even though we don’t own a cat.
But we have been adopted by a cat and we thought we might show him our deep appreciation by buying him a second-hand scratching pole.
He loves it!
He’s already attempted to murder it.
It has been pummeled and scratched, attacked and hacked and clawed.
$2 well spent, I reckon.
Oh, and how we love to stop whatever we’re doing and watch him and laugh our heads off!
Yep! Cheap entertainment for the whole family.

Another purchase was the sweetest little apron, I say for my niece, but I want to keep it.
It has the cutest little pocket I could fill with pegs.
And pretend to be a 1950’s housewife, pegging my husband’s undies out on the Hills Hoist.

I really need one for each day of the week.
And I need to be a housewife.
But I ain’t. I’m a wage earner for now.
And we don’t have a Hills Hoist.
We have a Brabantia WallFix clothes line.
On the balcony.
Times really have changed….

And I bought a book.
‘The Bed and Bath Book’
Terence Conran!
Published in 1978!
I was 13 then. Obviously I hadn’t heard of him then.
But now!
I can only dream of owning anything ‘Conran’!
But I have this book.
Even though it is 32 years old, some of the concepts and designs are absolutely stunning/timeless.
This book is going to give me ideas.
I’m going to tell you more on Bookcase Tour Tuesday, maybe on Wednesday.

Are you bored yet, with my ramblings?
Because I have one more thing I’m going to tell you about.
I bought some magazines!

No not two! 16!
For five cents each. I handed over two dollars and said keep the change!
I’m sure these are collectors items.
They are all royal family editions.
Lady Di, Fergie, Queen Mum, Charlie, royal babies.
It’s a stunning collection. I can’t wait to flick through them.
Again I say-
Times really have changed….

Yes, I smoked back then.
Well, now I know why.
What real woman wouldn’t?
Smoking was still considered glamorous in the 1980s!

I’m nearly finished.
But, yeah, the church fete.
Didn’t disappoint.
I’m sad it has shrunk over the years.
It used to be so ‘happening’ and fun. We would all go. Lots of girls, lots of kids, the priest ringing his school-yard bell out on the street.
Another priest playing bagpipes – awesome acoustics in the church hall.

It’s the best thing I could have done today.
Happy, happy.

You know what?
One more thing.
Tomorrow is the last day of Blogtoberfest.
What a month it’s been.
It has taught me a lot, challenged me even more and I have loved it, meeting new people; clever, creative, honest, real people.

OK, second last AFFIRMATION A DAY!

It’s not so much an affirmation but wise words. Often in the Bible there are wise words for us, to wake us up and ask us to consider.
This is from the New Living Translation of Matthew 7:4.

How can you think of saying to your friend, ‘Let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,’ when you can’t see past the log in your own eye?

Phew, that sure has been a long post.

I could go on all night.
And more.

Good night lovelies.
All the love in the world.




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