Friday Night

Tomorrow is the Spring Fair for our church.
We’re helping Mum on the cake stall.
I’ve made muffins.
Banana & Coconut.

I don’t bake.
Once a year, at Easter, I try.
Every Easter I wonder what I am doing.
I don’t bake.
I would, but I have no need, as we don’t eat cakey-type things.
I also barely even have time to cook a decent dinner.

And I would love to do it more often.
Unfortunately now is not a good time.
Maybe when I retire…

For the Spring Fair I have baked and it was successful and for that I am very grateful.
It is always hit and miss.

Now we’re watching our Friday night TV together. We only watch TV on Friday and Saturday nights.
The rest of the week the box stays off.
But our little fingers tap away late into the night.
We log on whilst still at the dining table.
Straight after we finish dinner. Sometimes before we finish.
I’m not sure this is any more constructive than not watching TV, but at least there is communication, sort of.


So, Blogtoberfest is almost at an end.
Blogging every day for the month of October.
I think I’ve missed two days, but I’m more than happy with how it has gone.
And I’m glad I’ve done it.

Why do we blog?
I’m so very interested to know what others think.
Why do you blog?
If anyone is reading, please can you let me know?
I don’t know why I blog.
But I am continually assessing my reasons and when I have worked them out I’m going to let you know.
Apart from the fact that I love it!
I take photos and I share them. Some of them I love. Others are average, but they tell a story.
I write. Sometimes I feel inspired. Other times I just write and I think it’s rubbish and it’s boring and I could ramble on and on and I do ramble on and on.
Just like I am doing now, I suppose.
Please forgive me.


We have to have an early (ish) night coz the fair is tomorrow morning.

Saturdays we usually start late. Shortly before midday is good for us.

Tomorrow will be 8am. We can do it.


From Galatians 5:22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Luckily we have a lifetime to work on this.
Personally, I need all the time I can get.

All the love in the world. M



3 responses to “Friday Night

  1. I have loved the secret insight into your life, that wouldn’t happen ordinarily. The birds nest story touched me the most. Thank you and god bless. K x

    • Hi Kaaren,
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Think about you and David often.
      I hope you’re going well.
      I love these easy, late Friday nights (end of the week). It’s so hard to pull the plug and get to bed, but as the blog says, we have to be up early tomorrow.
      God bless you, girl.

  2. i have enjoyed visiting your blog & reading your posts.
    i enjoy blogging, baking & taking photographs so that’s my reason for blogging.
    i haven’t done blogtoberfest this year as I find the pressure too much for me to blog every day.
    well done on getting through it.
    church fete looked great too!

    hope you are having a great Sunday

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