Today I found something.
It was made of sticks and it was beautiful.
It was perfect.
I felt like a little kid, spotting it, disbelieving, running over to gently scoop it up.

How I love nature.
Shells, birds, cats, lizards, rocks, gum nuts, seed pods, leaves, bark.
I have collected them all, ever since I was little.
Beetles, worms, egg shells.
How can things that man hasn’t made be so perfect?

Today I found the most perfect birds nest.
Each twig intertwined with another.
An exquisite circular basket.
Cosily lined with poly filler.
A little mattress for the eggs and hatchlings!

I hope no little ones are without a home tonight.
I looked for signs of disaster.
Broken eggs, lost babies.
There was nothing obvious.
So I took my treasure inside, excited about this gift from nature.
And I couldn’t stop thinking my deep thoughts (that I think too much).
How can a bird be so clever?
How can they know how to do this?
Are birds more clever than humans?
And almost in the instant I think these thoughts, the answer comes.
It is God.
This can only come from God.
“Of course”, I say!

Obvious to me.
Maybe not to everyone.
Not the first conclusion everyone would reach.

Then again, I’m not sure that everyone would think that deeply about a birds nest.
I’m not sure everyone would be excited and overjoyed to find one.
Or even notice it sitting there in the carpark.
I know for a fact that the owner of that particular parking bay would have run it over and not even have noticed.
And that makes me sad.

I kind of feel a bit of my heart break when I think about how much beauty surrounds us, quietly, humbly, mostly unnoticed.
It makes me sad because we have created a world filled with noise, busy-ness, carelessness, haste, waste and ignorance.


Birds sing a salute to the sun each morning and each evening.
Did you notice?
Did your heart swell with joy when you heard?

The sun paints the sky in the east and in the west every day.
More dazzling than anything an artist’s brush could create.
Did you notice today?
Did your heart sing at the beauty of it?

Did you see them today?
The jacarandas are beginning to bloom!
Did you sigh just because you love Spring?

A birds nest.

Is all it took to make me happy today.

And a little girl on a scooter.
Reminded me of myself when I was little and rode my scooter like the wind.
One little leg, madly swinging, propelling, swinging, propelling.


From Song of Songs 2:12

Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.

May your day be filled with all things joyous, beautiful and peaceful..


2 responses to “SHOW ‘N’ TELL

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen a real bird nest so closely. As you said, it is so beautiful and I’m always overwhelmed by the animal’s instincts. They know how to do it naturally. How wonderful and mysterious and interesting is that? 😀

  2. Bird’s nests are truly magical aren’t they! I love how each nest reflects what is in the local environment… there was a blog post from Japan a few years back, it was a crow’s nest made of wire coat hangers – all taken off people’s washing lines – pretty amazing, but a real indication of how few trees were around.

    But back to the beauty of your post… it’s lovely to be reminded of the beauty around us, of nature’s gifts.

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