We’re on our way home from our ‘country’ house. 24 hours ago we were on our way to our ‘country’ house!


There really is nothing like a night in the country. It is quiet there at night. We sleep with the window wide open so the breeze that blows in straight off the ocean refreshes us all night. We huddle under the doona. There is no traffic noise. There is no noisy neighbour, bringing her friends home at 3am to continue whatever party was started elsewhere much earlier in the evening.

We are woken by birdsong. That’s about it really. Nothing else wakes us, other than having had enough sleep. It is bliss! Our once a week bliss.

Anyway, we’ve left there now and are in the car, heading back. The sun has set. I am blogging. Peter is driving. He brought home a wireless broadband thingy last night. How cool is that? I am in the car and I am online… mostly.

I was hoping to be online last night for the trip down, but there were issues. Suffice to say, I had to wait for the issues to be sorted out and today they have been. Therefore I have missed one day of Blogtoberfest blogging. That is a little disappointing, however I’m still happy. It has not been easy keeping up the pace, especially when so little of interest occurs on any given work day.

Having the AFFIRMATION A DAY! has given me a reason to keep going, but apart from that, I find it difficult to daily wax lyrical about things like:

Spring flowers,

sweet littles,

my husband’s adorable antics,

the cat’s adorable antics,

my friendships or

my family,

my happiness,

my gratitude,

my enjoyment of the small things,

my art and craft,

a long awaited downpour,

a day at the beach,
or shoes I love!

Please don’t get me wrong. All these things make for a wonderful life and are a joy to me. I just don’t want to go on about how I feel about them. Actually, I don’t share much at all. Ask anyone. I’m a very private person. That’s all. It wouldn’t be ‘me’ to continually exclaim rapturous joy about every little thing.
I thankfully gnaw away on my vegemite sandwich and quietly enjoy the occasional creme brulee if I’m blessed enough to be offered it from time to time.


That’s life. I love where my life has come from and where it has gone to.
I will never stop thanking God for the place he has brought me to.
And I will forever be thankful that there are more places only he knows about and he will take me to them and he will bring me back again..

Speaking of joy. Speaking of waxing lyrical.
Here is my AFFIRMATION A DAY! It comes from Isaiah 55:12

You will go out in joy
and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills
will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field
will clap their hands.

Ahhhhh….. beautiful, beautiful….



  1. yes to creme brulee!
    and being led forth in peace 🙂 …

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