Blogtoberfest is in full swing, that’s for sure. So far I have managed to post on our blog everyday, as per my commitment. I do apologise to  anyone who has visited and found it boring, tedious or just plain annoying to read about what mostly hasn’t happened each day!

What has been enjoyable for me, yes, let’s make this about ME, is that I have a daily diary for the month. I like that I have this record, because I never remember to write in my diary. This time two weeks ago, for instance, I was at home. I was preparing a little surprise ‘reception’ for our friends who snuck off to Hawaii and got married.

So, sitting here today, I can look back on that day as a joyous one on a couple of levels and even though today is nowhere near as much fun, I do have memories of at least one wonderful day this month. If I keep looking I can probably even find another highlight or two in this mostly dull month, where working seems to have taken up more than its fair share!

If I go back to October last year, I can read all about how every day was wonderous, because we were on our Japan odyssey and so it goes. There are good memories being made along the way, even though most days meld into eachotherandseemdullandunrewardingandtiringanddepressing.

Tonight we have our ‘small group’ otherwise known as our God ‘n’ Stuff group. We get together with friends, eat dinner and talk about God and stuff. Feeding our souls and our bodies all in one hit. This is an evolving thing. It has been evolving over three years. People come and people go and some have stayed the whole time – Peter and I obviously, because it is at our house and we never want our group to end. Selfish, aren’t we?


It is ‘after’ our G ‘n’ S group now. We had a great, great night. I love getting together with these people. Needless to say it is late now, so I will just have time to share my AFFIRMATION A DAY!
I think this one is a funny one. I found it in Proverbs 30: 32-33.

If you have played the fool and exalted yourself,
or if you have planned evil,
clap your hand over your mouth! For as churning the milk produces butter,
and as twisting the nose produces blood,
so stirring up anger produces strife.

How classic is that? If I go to the Message Bible, it is even more articulate.

If you’re dumb enough to call attention to yourself
by offending people and making rude gestures,
Don’t be surprised if someone bloodies your nose.
Churned milk turns into butter;
riled emotions turn into fist fights.

I just really like this. Some of the things that are in the Bible are just so….. so, ummm, obvious? It really is like an instruction manual. Hey, but that’s another story and I know not everyone reads the Bible or even believes in God. Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that it has fairly everything covered.

I must sign off now, until tomorrow. Blogging everyday, with it’s challenges and it’s disappointments, is really growing on me. Tomorrow will be two thirds of the way through the Blogtoberfest, ‘blogging every day during October’ challenge. The Pioneer Woman blogs every day (or if not, she gives the illusion that she does).
So you know what? I think I can too!!


3 responses to “I THINK I CAN

  1. As soon as you said “I think this one is a funny one” I just knew it was going to be the nose twsiting verse! I think it’s funny too 😀

  2. glad for your ongoing group!
    and, yes, you can blog all month, i’m sure of it ~ excellent effort so far!
    care to check out our food blog hop on the 24th ?

  3. I like the way you managed to get all those seagulls to stand in line 😉 bellgirlsblog {at} gmail [dot] com

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