Monday B….. Monday

Another Monday. Gone. How happy does that make me? Very. I know I sound awfully ungrateful for my blessed life, but what a struggle Mondays are.
So it’s onwards and upwards from here until Friday!

Today was a beautiful, warm, Summer-is-in-the-air day. That makes me very happy. See? I don’t let the half-empty glass ‘syndrome’ get me down.


I had an interesting conversation with a very treasured friend of ours yesterday, about being pessimistic as opposed to being a ‘glass-half-empty’ kind of person. I think they are two different creatures. I am not pessimistic. I always think the best is going to happen/be. And if it doesn’t, I certainly feel ripped off, as though my glass is half empty. But I go on optimistically, believing that the next thing I am expecting/dreaming of/wanting will come to fruition. So, am I a pessimist or an optimist?

I prefer ‘glass-half-empty’. Let’s be real here. Every day is not going to be creme brulee and most of the time you just have to say ‘yes’ to that vegemite sandwich you are being offered and keep dreaming of that creme brulee. If you keep dreaming how can you ever be called a pessimist?

Oh, woops, I’ve been rambling and the sun has set and the fairy lights have come on and they are beeeee yooooo diful!

It’s time I gave you AN AFFIRMATION A DAY!

We live by faith, not by sight.

You know what? Sometimes this is all I can do and I know there are lots of people who feel the same way to varying degrees. Often times we are not dealt the hand we had hoped for or wanted. That’s when we need faith, just to keep going. Faith that things will work out OK in the end. Faith that whatever happens, we will survive. Faith that things will change. Faith that things will go in our favour in the future. All sorts of faith! I hope you will feel encouraged in your faith. This one is from 2 Corinthians 5:7.

I told you Mondays are no good.
Faith that Tuesday will be a much more beautiful day. There you go, I just topped up my half empty glass a little bit past that half-way mark!

Keep on blogging, Blogtoberfesters! (I know, fester doesn’t sound too flattering. Sorry).

See you tomorrow. God bless you!


One response to “Monday B….. Monday

  1. Oh wow, the MEAT and CHALLENGE for a lifetime that is in this ‘live by faith, not by sight’ verse. I tell you what, i would not let God get away with saying things like this to us, if he hadn’t come and lived here on earth himself, in the form of his Son!

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