Found It!!!!!

When I click the ‘Add New’ button I always have a weird feeling, something like dread mixed with anticipation, mixed with panic.
The problem is I’m always in a hurry. Just like I am now and I am so slow at putting a blot post together. This afternoon we are going to our house ‘in the country’, as in it’s not exactly in the city – about an hour and a bit away from our house in the ‘burbs.
That is why I’m in a hurry. I need to get everything ready to be loaded into the car when Peter arrives home from work. We usually do not manage to make a speedy get-away, in spite of all my efforts.

So I will quickly stop talking and give you my (well, not really mine, because it is from the Bible) AFFIRMATION A DAY!

All beautiful you are, my darling;
there is no flaw in you.

How beautiful is that? It’s from Song of Songs 4:7, a very unusual book of the Bible. You can read more of the chapter here if you feel so inclined.


Anyway, this is where we’re off to for the night. We will be back here tomorrow night because we have church on Sunday morning, however, sometimes we just don’t manage it. It’s hard to leave sometimes…

Have a great Friday night! See ya tomorrow!


PS: How funny when you read my opening sentence! Now do you know why? This blog post somehow was in ‘pages’. Don’t ask me. I didn’t even know where ‘pages’ was.
Now we are seriously late in our departure. Not because of the blog but because Peter had dramas of his own. Again I will say ‘YAY!!’ It’s Friday night. Can we please just get on with it!!?


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