This is gonna be my quickest blog entry ever, only because I’m trying to have dinner cooked before Peter arrives home. That, and wash a load of laundry, water the garden and wash dishes from this morning (before I can start the dinner). Oh, and put away last night’s dishes. Bad housewife!
I have about an hour. I’m trying to prioritise, not in order of like, but in order of need. I only need to do a short blog. You see now? It is already longer than I planned. I sure can talk (those are not my words!).


For AN AFFIRMATION A DAY! I give you, from Proverbs 13:3

He who guards his lips guards his life,
but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.


Now, the GIVEAWAY I was talking about? Well I have a reward to give. As part of Blogtoberfest, lots of gorgeous, craft-able (didn’t think I should say ‘crafty’) girls run little giveaways on their blogs. You can check them all out over at CurlyPops blog here.

I thought I would run a giveaway that’s a little different. And do you know what? There are already 42 entries in the draw for my giveaway. I won’t reveal the prize just yet, because I haven’t put it all together (stay tuned though). But since you know I am not an artist or a crafter of even a blog-worthy cook, I won’t have any handmade ‘delights’ for you.
But, as our blog title says, we go to Japan and Bali and we stay home lots (almost as much as we go to work), so I will have a gorgeous little collection from our trips, and something I love to use at home. I love giving things to people and one lucky person is going to receive a reward/giveaway ‘parcel’ at the end of October.

All YOU have to do is work out what I need YOU to do to be in the running. I’m not going to tell you. Here’s a hint. You may already have unwittingly entered the draw. And you may not have yet, but it is easy to work out. Promise! As I said, there are already 42 tickets in the barrel. That’s how easy it is.

So go for it! Work it out and enter my giveaway! Entries close on 31st October. I will announce the winner on 1st of November, after our month of perseverance, trial, joy, laughter, sharing, dedication and whatever else Blogtoberfest means to you!


By the way, I know this has tuned out not to be my quickest blog entry ever. I have had to go away and cook dinner, eat dinner with my husband and hang out the laundry. I think you could say my priorities are all over the place.

Ni night…


6 responses to “QUICKIE and A TRICKY GIVEAWAY

  1. since there’s no ‘follow’ widget i’m hoping it’s to comment?
    very cute idea this, if i get it right 🙂
    b/c i’d love to win your creative giveaway!
    blessings on you today !

  2. lol not too sure what u’re after but japan n bali are definitely lovely places to visit n if u go there often – WOW!! 🙂 thanks for the giveaway – did i figure out what you wanted me to?? 😛

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  5. At first I thought I had to “follow” you but I can’t see how to so maybe this is it??????

  6. Sounds like a fun giveaway! I love Japan, and would love to go to Bali sometime! How very fun. I’m guessing like everyone else, and thinking the entry might be a comment? 🙂 Hope so, I’d love to win!


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