An average Blogtober day!

Yesterday I came home and blogged until nightfall. I was still in my work dress but had kicked my shoes off somewhere at some time.

It was freezing by the time I stood up to turn lamps on around the room.

The groceries I’d bought on the way home still sat on the kitchen bench.

Peter was still out coffee-ing with a friend and I had the place to myself for a while.

The heart-shaped balloons from our mini wedding ‘reception’ are mostly deflated now. They told me at the shop they wouldn’t last but they lasted as long as required and that’s what I told the girl they would do. The roses are filling the room with a heavenly scent. Sadly they won’t last either. The table is still strewn with shiny stars and it really wouldn’t take much to set up again as I haven’t had time to clear it all off. Obviously the dishes and glasses have been washed and put away.

So tonight I didn’t begin blogging as soon as I returned home.
That could be dangerous. I don’t want Peter to come home to a wife sitting in the dark at the computer, with nothing done.
No, tonight I have put a load of washing on, put dinner in the oven and washed up the breakfast dishes which have sat in the sink all day while we were at work.

He’s home now. I’m going to go be a good wife.

Ooops! Mustn’t forget AN AFFIRMATION A DAY! Today I am doing something a little different. I am taking verse 16 from James chapter 3;
‘For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind’ and turning it into an affirmation.

Because I refuse to allow jealousy and selfish ambition into my heart, my life is orderly and filled with goodness of every kind.

I know this isn’t biblically sound, but for the purpose of giving you an affirmation a day, I think it works OK. I know not everyone reads the bible, so my hope is just to share some things that I didn’t realise were in there when I didn’t read it either. I would never have believed it and I wish I had known sometimes, but I do now and that’s all I want to share.

End of story. Happy 7th of Blogtober!


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