Back at work – 6th of Blogtober!

Yesterday was so much fun! I had a day off work! It was very special. It was purely so I could be creative and do something I really, really wanted to do. Something special and beautiful and fun for two very good friends . You know how I always talk longingly about appreciating beauty and having time to be creative and imaginative and just to enjoy? Well, I took a day off for that very purpose and it was so worth it.

To make a long story short, friends of ours went on an overseas trip together and not long after their departure, we all received an email informing us that they had become Mister and Missus on a beach in Hawaii! Everyone was so happy for them, even though I must say I had been looking forward to a big wedding sometime next year (I thought). We don’t get to do many weddings these days.

So to remedy my being deprived of said wedding celebration, I decided to get our little group together and make a surprise, mini wedding ‘reception’. That is what I spent yesterday doing; decorating and cooking. I had time to run errands, like having heart-shaped balloons (left over from our wedding in 2006) blown up with helium and tied with pearl white ribbons.

I had time to look through my recipe books, select a suitable (easy, yet gourmet) recipe and  shop for the ingredients, time to pop into my Mum’s for masses of pink roses from her garden and come home and arrange them in vases (also left over from our wedding).

I also had time to iron Peter’s (now mine too) fabulous, white table cloth, tie balloons to chairs, search for pink candle holders and create a table centre piece with cherry blossoms, origami cranes and candles.

One of the other girls kindly provided pale pink napkins, folded into fans (good old ’80s style), pink bows (pale pink is the bride’s favourite colour) and shiny star confetti to finish the table dressing. She also set the table for us and helped with serving and was very much appreciated.

The happy couple arrived in perfect time, thanks to traffic problems and were suitably surprised, so I would say the day was a huge success. We are so blessed to have such beautiful people as friends. Yesterday I finally had time to appreciate them and show them, with the great help of the rest of the group, how happy we are for them!

So, to today’s AFFIRMATION A DAY! This one is from Proverbs 15:1.

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

I think this speaks volumes. How very true it can be. It certainly was in the days when I was a bank teller! 🙂


3 responses to “Back at work – 6th of Blogtober!

  1. It was such a beautiful evening and we felt so loved! You could tell how much effort had gone into it, so much detail. The house was full of love and beauty and friendship and Holy Spirit…you blessed us to the tips of our toes. Thank you!

  2. Yes, such a lovely night – so glad to have been part of it all!

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