Blogtoberfest Shadow Shot

Tonight I’m killing two memes with one stone. Sounds gory, doesn’t it? Who made up that saying, anyway? I would never, ever kill a bird (just so you know). Anyway, here we go!

First up Shadow Shot Sunday, hosted by Tracy at Hey Harriet. I’ve mentioned my friends’ open garden Peter and I visited last Sunday. It was a fund raising event for AFFORD, Australian Fund for Overseas Relief and Development in Kenya. I’m so glad that our visit to my friends’ garden is helping to support orphans in Kenya. Beauty with purpose is so much more than skin deep!
So here is the shadow shot for this Sunday.

A frog hides in these shadows, in case you didn’t see. Frogs, I love!

The other meme for today? Blogtoberfest, hosted by Tinniegirl! This is my commitment to blog every day during the month of October. What’s the date today? The third? Well, so far, so good, especially since I just spent two nights at our internet-less house.
During Blogtoberfest I have said I will give you an AFFIRMATION A DAY! Just a reminder; all these affirmations are taken from the Bible. I haven’t made them up, but I don’t think copyright law applies to the Bible. Oh, what? Another blessing? Here is today’s affirmation (sorry it’s so late today). These words come from Psalm 49:3.

My mouth shall speak wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be understanding.

You know what? I’m going to post another shadow shot, because I have sooooo many photos from last Sunday. I am learning that I am surrounded by beauty. It is up to me to see it…. Can you believe? 45 years old and only just catching on to that now? Better late than never!

Happy Sunday evening. God bless you..


5 responses to “Blogtoberfest Shadow Shot

  1. Thanks for sharing your phots and affirmations. I enjoyed both. I especially like the shot with the frog hidden in the shadows. Good Luck with Blogtoberfest!!!

  2. Oh I am so thrilled because I did see a frog in your first photo, I love frogs too but haven’t seen any for years. I have found that since I started going out and about with my camera that there is so much beauty – all you have to do is look. It’s all a matter of being aware I think. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

  3. Beautiful shots! And such a true affirmation, one that I need to repeat to myself every now and then.

  4. Love it! Frogs are so awesome! I hardly see them around much these days, which is very sad. Hey all the best with Blogtoberfest! People who blog every day deserve medals! I’d love to blog every day…but…it just doesn’t happen…

    Have a great week!

  5. Just LOVE that day bed – smothered in shadows. Thanks for the visit, drop in anytime!

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