It’s the first day of October, which means it is the first day of ‘Blogtoberfest‘.
I’m not sure if I even really qualify as a contributor to Blogtoberfest. I’ve been checking out some of the other blogs and discovered this ‘world’ I was hoping to belong to is made up of creative, crafty, arty, clever, gifted and mostly young ladies. I am none of these things, so I will probably be seen as a bit of an outcast in the Blogtoberfest community.

Aaaa! I won’t let it get to me. I’ll make some kind of contribution, whatever that may be or may not be, as the case may be.

I’ll make it short though. Since everyone is so creative and interesting, I am at risk of being completely tiresome if I ramble on.
Peter and I went to the Perth Royal Show last night and do you know what? I can’t even report on the ‘home made’ delights that I’m sure were lurking in a pavilion somewhere; the CWA Pavilion maybe, if there is one. I would have loved to have found the cakes, quilts, crochet, stitching delights but we simply did not have time. We went after work, mainly to watch the ‘relay’ in the main arena, because my niece was taking part with her goat. Intrigued? I said I’d make it short, so another time maybe.
So we watched the ‘relay’ and we watched the fireworks, then we scrambled with the crowds to the show bag kiosks, looking for the Diva show bag and the Sesame Street Elmo Teen show bag. We found neither so substituted them with two equally as expensive bags of rubbish, counting our loose change from $150 as we headed towards the exit. Don’t get me wrong. We had a lovely time together, walking hand in hand (where we could manage to) like all the teenagers, our first (and probably last) time at the Royal Show together.

I have to get moving. This is going to be more difficult than I thought, because I need to ‘create’ a post for tomorrow as well to load automatically while we’re at our internet-less house.

Here is today’s. I thought that it may inspire everyone out there in the world of ‘Blog’. We listen to each other, we support each other, we love each other (in a bloggy kind of way) and we grow each other, when and if we have the chance. This affirmation is from Proverbs 27:17.
As iron sharpens iron, so one man (or woman) sharpens another.

I take a breath now. I’ve turned up on day one. So far so good! See you tomorrow.

Hey, here’s something crafty I did last weekend. It’s a shoebox for Samaritan’s Purse. Yes, I decorated a shoebox. That is about the extent of my crafting ability, cutting and sticking.

Then I filled it up with cute and useful Christmas presents for a little girl in a ‘developing’ country, who otherwise would not even know Christmas Day has arrived.

May God bless her, whoever she is! I hope she will know she is loved.

Please also note origami cranes – how very crafty of me! Gotta start somewhere!


One response to “FESTIVITIES

  1. A great affirmation and a gorgeous little Christmas present. I’m sure the receiver would be delighted!

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