Before my parents went off on their trip to China our family gathered for a celebration – one of my sisters’ 44th birthday, my 45th birthday and Fathers Day, because they were going to be away and miss all of this celebrating. We had a barbecue, of course. It was a wonderful, Spring-is-sprung kind of day, with just a hint of warmth in the air; warm enough to sit outside.

Clearest, clear blue skies. New shoots sprouting on bare branches. Littles running about in bare feet, making new friends over the fence, with the kids next door. The sunshine brought them all out to play.

One of Mum’s chooks was dreaming of and believing she was going to hatch us a spring chicken. What a shame there had been no rooster involved in the transaction. Sadly, he passed away about a year ago, but don’t think this was going to stop her.

So, this week’s shadow shot? Well, my Sister (not the birthday-girl-Sister) thought she would be funny and clever and take a few random shots with my camera whilst I was busy (probably washing dishes?). How very original and mature of you, Helen (surname withheld to protect your upstanding reputation). Funny girl and great shadow there, Love. By the way, no need to thank me for not posting the other photos! (I’m saving them for a rainy day.)  🙂

As the sun began to set the chill returned to the air, but what a lovely way to begin Spring. A celebration! And tonight Mum and Dad return from China, so we can pick up where we left off.

Can’t wait! So for now the travelling is out of the way. Next trip? Brisbane in January, with Mum & Dad for my favourite Uncle’s 70th! How handsome I remember he was when he was 30. We’re getting old, there’s no doubting that. We will also celebrate my best friend’s 48th and Peter’s 55th while we’re over there! Wooohoooo boy, we sure are getting on.

Picking up the ‘rents in just over four hours. What a lovely end to a gorgeous Spring weekend!

God bless y’all. I hope your weekends were lovely too!

Please visit Hey Harriet to view other ‘Shadow Shots’ (not necessarily like the one of my gorgeous Sister, above). You can join in weekly or comment on participants photos or just have fun browsing through the shadow shots from all over our beautiful world!


2 responses to “SHADOW SHOT SISTER

  1. Cool and funny shot of your sis! All the photos in this post are sweet! Your trip to Brissy sounds like it will be fun. January is a scorcher of a month for Bris so I hope you don’t mind hot temps 🙂

    Have a great week ahead!

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