I was gonna blog tonight. It’s been a while. There were conversations I wanted to share – just to freak you out about the weird things that we talk about every day. But it’s too late. I need to be in bed in less than half an hour and when I get blogging it takes hours to craft just one post. What’s with that?

I talked with my boss about crazy, cute Luna, his dog. He waits for me at the door every morning, He sees my car enter the car park. He waits for me to wave at him from the bottom car park. Then he waits, almost exploding with excitement, for me to round the corner and head towards the door. Then he is OFF! Running to retrieve his chewed up, ancient, unidentifiable octopus from his bean bag, so that we can play-fight over it, eventually giving it up so that I can throw it (hopefully) down the long passage way for him to chase, kill and then repeat the game all over again. Then he will spend hours basking in the sun, while I work. What a life!

Then there are the mad conversations about mad people. A person to be precise. How one person can have such a negative impact on his environment is frightening. Today and yesterday and the day before I have had to deal with this person. Even though I am aware of ‘issues’ that influence his behaviour, it does not help. He is mean, he is irrational, he is scary. I wonder what he is capable of. My mind starts to run away with me and I think of all the crazy people who have gone crazy and done crazy things. I don’t want to articulate exactly what those crazy things are, but this person has me all paranoid. I had a dream when I was  21 that I was shot and dying. I also had a dream about my best, oldest, most beloved friend being dead. It was a very detailed dream and it came true, every detail, when I was 30. Sorry, that’s beginning to sound freaky. I will just say, today, I was scared of an unpredictable, irrational person who has been behaving badly, who lives close to us. I’m praying over it. It will be OK.

If it wasn’t so late, I would tell you about our other conversations. We talked about our trip to SA; South Africa that is, not South Australia. Wooo hooo. That’s in the pipeline. Updates and more info to come. Suffice to say, I will probably be blogging from SA next July for a few days.  🙂

That’s after our trip to Queensland in January and who knows? Another quick trip to Bali? We still can’t stop talking about Bali. Retirement in Bali. Our own villa in Bali. We talked about Bali today. We talk about Bali everyday!

We played fetch with the cat that comes to visit. He crashed into a chair, head first and nearly knocked himself out. He chased a baby crow that was having problems becoming airborne. I rescued the crow (which was cute, because it was a baby, but when he grows up; no help from me, sorry) by hosing the cat. Sorry Buddy. He is so sweet. He goes off home every night. I think whoever owns him must work on Thursday nights, because he is never in any rush to get home.

Last conversation I’ll share. It is now four minutes before bedtime or I won’t be able to jump out of bed at 6am for my yoga. Mum and Dad arrive home from China on Sunday at 11.55pm. They have been away for two and a half weeks – no contact with any of us in any way, shape or form. Not because they didn’t want to, but because they are not entirely up with the modern world – couldn’t use a mobile phone, computer, skype, fax or any modern form of communication that I am aware of. Nothing. Not a word. Maybe they sent us a postcard. It hasn’t arrived as yet. They are in China! They are in their 70s! I’ve been praying for them every day. That’s all I could do. I hope they have had an awesome time. I said to Peter that I can’t believe that we will stand there at the arrivals gate at midnight and they will walk through it and smile and we will smile and breathe a sigh of relief (and I’ll probably cry). Honestly, this is how they must have felt when I flew off to Queensland at the age of 20, not to return until five years later. Sorry Mum and Dad. I love you and have missed you so much!

Good night all. God bless you.


4 responses to “TOO LATE…

  1. It’s great to hear your conversations, especially the exciting ones about travel… we need to start having those conversations again around here… there’s Christmas in NZ to plan, then a buying trip in Japan next year – one that I’d like to turn into much more..

    And I have to say – I totally understand it taking hours to put together a post, I have never understood why it takes me so long!

    Enjoy your reunion with your parents!

  2. You must love traveling!! So do I, but I haven’t yet been to countries other than Japan, Indonesia, SIngapore and Australia! (>0<) (I've been saying this on my blog and now I can't go anywhere for another few months)

    I totally understand what you wrote about your parents. My parents use mobiles and do emails to me, but they don't have computer. Every time I go back to Japan I teach my dad how to use computer and browse internet, but he seems to not be able to understand!
    He went to Vietnam with his friend while I was in Japan last time, and he didn't contact us at all for his whole trip. I was so worried, but he showed with smile and lots of souvenirs few days later.
    He must have felt the same when I flew to Australia to study for 1 year with one suitcase when I was 19!

    • Hi Ume,
      I do love travelling. Well I should say I love being in a different country. The travelling bit (planes and airports), I actually really don’t like. Just being at the airport last night to pick up my parents gave me a bad feeling. Especially when I saw the hundreds of people lined up to check in! I was glad I wasn’t catching a plane. It stresses me out so much!
      My parents arrived safe and sound last night, so I am happy and can relax again, now!

  3. I actually love being in the airport :p
    It makes me realise that I’m flying to different place… well, I hate queueing and being with lots of people around me, but I still feel excited about going somewhere.

    Glad to hear your parents arrived safe!

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