Bali is beautiful. Her footpaths not so much…

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It can be tricky getting around. You know how you can buy those shoes that ‘give you a workout while you walk‘? Well maybe you don’t but I just want to tell you,  negotiating the Bali footpaths ‘gives you a workout while you walk’. It’s good to know you can burn off thousands of calories just getting to that restaurant and saving $1.50 in cab fares to boot!

God bless all the old, old people, those in wheelchairs and the people pushing prams. They’re braver than I am! But then again, I will be old one day, maybe even retire to Bali (dream on) and I have a feeling the footpaths will still be exactly the same as they have always been.

We had better stay in practice!

That’s all I can say!!



  1. Great photo series and yep – very hard to get around. Years ago I was part of an arts cultural exchange in Java, working with people with disabilities and it really made up realise then. One of the guys with us was in a wheelchair and it caused lots of challenges.

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