We are in Perth now. We are not in Bali any more.

I will say nothing more.

Biku is on Peti Tenget in Seminyak. Yet another place we loved. And guess what? There were shadows there too. You can rely on shadows. They will follow you wherever you go. They travel free, just like a little baby, but they don’t cry and they don’t need feeding and you don’t have to worry about them contracting Bali belly. Oh, I’m talking rubbish really, aren’t I?

More shadows can be viewed at Hey Harriet. You can join in with your own shadow.


6 responses to “SHADOW SHOT BIKU

  1. I love this shot! Great job!

  2. Fantastic! Lovely fountain and what a terrific shadow shot for the day! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. What gorgeous, colorful shadows! Beautiful capture.

  4. a very cool shadow shot!

  5. Ha! You can talk all the rubbish you like. I find it amusing 🙂

    That’s a very cool shadow shot. I wouldn’t like to meet that creature in a dark alley though! Have a great week. I hope the weather is as nice in Perth as it is here in Brissy right now!

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