Oh! Life, life, life….

On the Saturday night after we arrived home from Bali, we went to a fund raising dinner for the Asia Evangelistic Fellowship. They are there in Indonesia, but what I wanted to talk about is not related to that at all really. But, you know. Indonesia – Bali. It’s just about all I think about at the moment.

As we left the dinner, I was saying goodbye to a man who we really only see at this type of fund raising dinner (we go to a couple a year with a mutual friend of this man). He’s an old man. So incredibly intelligent, with so much history and he’s pretty old (did I already mention that?). When I said goodbye and how blessed we are to move in the same circle from time to time, he said he felt blessed just to be alive – to be upright. If you knew this man you would know how true that must feel to him. I do agree with him. Every day that we are alive, every day we are upright, is a blessing.

So, since returning from Bali that’s what I keep telling myself. Every day is a blessing, not just the holiday days in Bali, but they sure did feel particularly blessed at the time.

And we’re not there now but the blessings do continue (just not as obviously, I guess).

This week was our first full week at working life for a while. HOW sad (but a blessing to be able to earn money for our next trip).

So, here we are, back in our everyday life. Starting from Sunday, when I last blogged. Actually we consider that night the true end of our holiday. You know what we did? We partied. I think I mentioned in my last update, we caught up with my parents and broke out the duty free Galliano when we arrived home at 9.30pm. We also cranked up the stereo (well Peter plugged his computer into my 15 year old stereo and did some whiz-bang, tech-head stuff with our CD from Restaurant Pearl) and we had our own party. Yes, I danced and yes, we went to bed at about 1am and yes, the music was loud. We were like naughty teenagers, but it felt like a perfect end to our holiday, rather than our depressing end on Thursday night when we arrived at the airport (late), went home, went to bed, woke up at 6.20am and went to work. Hmmmm, I wonder why I was suffering from post-Bali depression. Anyway that’s all fixed now and we are totally looking forward to our next Bali Odyssey!

Blogging from Bali was far more interesting for me (and for you too, no doubt). Sitting every evening, outside at the little table in the warmth, with my cocktail of (for example) Tropical Fruits Absolut, blueberry Fanta and soda water (ewwwww!), music playing on the iPod, Peter floating around in the plunge pool, geckos barking and the sun going down. Well, standing here at the kitchen counter in the lingering Perth cold, just doesn’t compare and is decidedly blah!

Peter is cooking chicken on the barby. He has put together a salad with Japanese soy sesame dressing and that’s our excitement for the evening. The CD from Restaurant Pearl has played almost continually in the background since our return (apart from the party on Sunday – we had it blasting).

We are still desperately holding tight to our remnants of Bail – the Tropical fruits Absolut is almost empty (then we start on the Pears), little gifts remain to be handed out, some of our clothes still have the Bali laundry perfume, the teeny little replica bird bath is set up in the garden, complete with floating camelia (well, I don’t have any frangipani), some of the sun tan hasn’t peeled off (keep up the moisturising) and today I’m getting about in my Havianas (complete with the mud from the last Bali downpour on their soles).

Sadly, I must mention (because you know I am a ‘glass half empty’ kinda girl) the pedicure is chipped and growing out and looks very average. I checked with my local place and I can have a pedicure for $35 ON SPECIAL! Ummmmm, does that include a one hour massage for my husband and I? What? No? Oh..

It’s cold. It’s still cold. This is not just me complaining. I have been warmed to my bones by the Bali sun, but I do wonder how long I can continue denying that I am beginning to freeze, trying to show off my tanned feet and shoulders. I don’t want to wear the snow joggers anymore this year. This winter has been cruel! Just so you know, I wore the snow joggers in SNOW. Well, I did have on two pairs of explorer socks at the time, but honestly? I ask you. Would you expect to be wearing snow joggers in Perth at the end of August? I think not!

So here’s me trying to tell you all about how miserable it is to be back and how awful it is and how depressing. I find two things negative – my aging pedicure and my snow jogger wearing and I believe I must still be on a little bit of a Bali Hi!

And planning our next trip…..

And the Restaurant Pearl CD plays on……


3 responses to “Oh! Life, life, life….

  1. Not much fun the return from a trip, but have fun planning the next one! And hehehe… your pedicure still looks far better than my toes ever do!

  2. Oh no. That was the pedicure when it was still OK, in Bali.
    Why are we never happy with our feet – I hate mine, so thank you for saying they looked nice!

  3. Hi, really like your blog, love to visit bali one time myself but i ‘m affraid it’s a bit tooo expensive for me at this time.

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