Sunday now!

Work tomorrow – I’m running the company. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Bali so far away. But we have spent a beautiful night with my Mum and Dad sharing about the intricacies of Bali – love of Bali – ease of Bali. Mum and Dad are off to China in just over a week. I think if they can handle China, surely they will be fine in Bali. Bali, here we come. Oh yes, I think we will. My Mum and I visited Bali in 1982 together. We must do this again together. Life is too short!

It is late now. You have waited for the update on the jewels! The whole thing of having old jewellery melted down and dismantled in Bali has been exciting and satisfying in a very good way. Out with the old, in with the new. Life is like that. A time to dismantle and a time to rebuild (on a different foundation). I think we all go through a metamorphosis or three in our lives. It is all good.

So, the before photo again:

And a slideshow of afters. I had this ring dismantled and melted down, along with a couple of 9kt gold bangles and a 24kt gold bracelet to make the ring and hoop earrings you see here, all for $400. And I have a chunk of gold for next time. The possibilities are endless.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aren’t they just beautiful? There were fresh poppies and a pastie waiting for us when we returned. Thanks to my beautiful little Mummy. Oh, but you’re looking at the jewels, sorry!

So, the details:
Mayang Jeweller -just south of Matahari, just past the Volcom shop (on a corner just near Gloria Jeans)
They have hundreds of different designs on display. You can probably find a design that will fit with your desires. They will use your jewellery to create a piece to your specifications. I was happy with their service and price. If you have a photo or hand drawn design of how you your want your finished piece to look, I have no doubt they can work from that.

For anyone who is wondering. Yes, we miss Bali. Yes, I am making good time in consuming duty free Galliano at the moment. Yes, we have planned where we are staying next time. Yes, life in Perth dumped on us almost the minute we woke up on Friday morning (back to work). Yes, I think what we are experiencing  is called Post Bali Depression and yes, we had to vote for a new prime minister the day after we arrived (sorry, but I think child  birth would be more rewarding – bring me more Galliano!). Yes, it is 11.00pm on a Sunday night in freezing Perth and even my uber-responsible, government employee, husband is still up, pawing over his Bail photos. We are in denial.

Bring me more Galliano, quick!



  1. Sorry to hear about the post-Bali depression, but I do have to say – the ring is gorgeous!

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