I know there are those who are waiting for this and it is now 11.30pm on Tuesday night. I have typed one sentence and approximately one error in each word and now is probably not a good time to do a blog update.

But, anyway, let me just start today with another tribute. It is to THE sweetest, little pregnant cat we encountered on our walk back to the villa tonight. I want to go back right now and pat her and love her and bring her home, or even better, stay in Bali forever to look after her (much to Peter’s horror – you’ll get something. What? I’ll wash my hands when I get back!)

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I digress. We have had such wonderful times in the last couple of days and have definitely not had the time to blog about all of it. The thing is now, I am way behind with the updates (and my personal record of the trip). I am very afraid I will forget something.

Best work backwards, I reckon.

So we’re here. We have walked home from THE most wonderful French restaurant (no people, not SIP!). Restaurant Pearl! Pearl is on Jalan Double 6 or Jalan 66 or Jalan Arjuna, depending on where you’re from and what language you speak/understand/are most comfortable with.

Pearl is a restaurant and also has accommodation. We looked at one of the rooms today and although not the private villa/pool situation we have here, it is a third of the price and in reality is more than adequate. Peter figured that if we stayed there we would be able to afford bottles of Veuve in the restaurant every night. Huh? The idea of cheap trips to Bali is so we can continue also with our trips to Japan (not so we can drink Veuve every night!). Luckily Peter has me to help him live in the ‘real’ world.

So, anyway, tonight was a feast; our special treat in Bali! The bottle of Veuve made it an expensive treat, but, oh, it was worth it! We have been champagne-starved since being in Bali and my tax refund has turned up in our account and Peter’s will after it’s nine month gestational period (Hello?! Mr taxman!) and then there’s leave loading for the government worker and there you go, we have it more than covered, thank you very much.

The food at Pearl?- exceptional, special, deluxe and just well, so worth it. No ocean views here, but all I can say is ‘who cares?’. We started with the lobster bisque (both of us), continued with duck for me and beef tenderloin for Peter, cooked the French way, with sensational reductions and roasted vegetables and an amazing aubergine baked custard (my words/description – I could be completely wrong) , accompanied by Margaritas to start and champagne  (as stated above) with the main.

Please also visit the bathroom/toilet if you happen to be in the vicinity. Trust me. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing experience! The photo below hasn’t been altered. This is what I’m talking about!

All of the above comes with my (and Peter’s) highest recommendation for a romantic, very special night under the stars. This meal represents our second-last supper on our Bali Odyssey. What a calamity! What do we do tomorrow? You know? We had actually booked SIP for tonight, but after a chance visit to Pearl on our wanders we decided to change. My thoughts are that we should visit SIP tomorrow night so we can compare and let you all know the final verdict. Buuuutttt…… on the other hand I’m not sure I’m wanting SIP (French) when we have just had Pearl (French). Oh what to do? Can someone else please deal with this; someone who has more than nine nights is Bali! By the way, no matter what happens, we are not going to Ryoshi tomorrow night for our ‘last supper’. Oh no sirree!!

So here we are, talking about restaurants, as you do in Bali!? Yesterday we made a kind of impromtu trek out to Biku for high tea. I lose my orientation, basically from Legian onwards, so on a trip out there I was totally lost. All I can remember is that the prison is out here somewhere. Taxi drivers know though. They just know. ‘Oh, Biku, yes Biku, no problem’. When I say impromptu, well, Biku was on my list. We arrived in time for high tea. It was perfect timing, actually, about 3pm. We chose ‘Asian’ high tea. Why Asian? Well because we already know what ‘Western’ cakes, scones, sandwiches and tea taste like.

Our Asian high tea consisted of chai masala (tea), samosas with chutney, curried egg sandwiches and, and, and, oh I feel so bad because I didn’t write anything down and I knew I would forget. There were, let me think, date scones with fig jam, a kind of Vietnamese spring roll, a sweet little bit of tuna a in a pasty shell, some kind of agar agar something, a kind of orange pudding in a syrup, a kind of nutty daifuku, ummmmm, oh, before we started, strawberries and cream, oh and a pasty roll with coconut filling. Are you tempted yet? Sorry I think my descriptions are not all that inspiring, but please believe me when I say, it was sensational.

Biku is an interesting and picturesque place too. It was a building brought over from Java and incorporates Ganesha bookshop, where we bought two second hand books for Peter. How very keen of him. He only took two years to read his last book, so I’m kind of certain two books is a little optimistic

OK, it’s after midnight – Peter’s words, with a kind of lopsided shrug ‘We’re gett’n’ there’. Getting where, I should like to know? Tomorrow is our last full day here. This is a tragedy in so many ways, to my mind. Peter handles these things so much better than I do, so I should try to listen to him and his lopsided philosophies. Whatever!

So here is my list for tomorrow:
Spa treatments -massage, pedicure, manicure (at least)
Sun baking – at least one hour of full sun to complete the browning process that will be completely covered up in the freezing temperatures to which we return.
Lunch – fabulousness somewhere
Shopping – including Kuta to pick up the remodelled ring. More shopping, including a new outfit for dinner in Perth the week we return, gifts for people, leather bags (I don’t want now but know I will desperately NEED once I return home), shoes (as per bags), homewares (as per bags), miscellaneous items (as per bags).

As you can see, some kind or weird panic is beginning to set in.

Perhaps I can reassure myself by saying ‘we’ll be back in six months’. Calm descends, or should I say ‘calm should descend’.

We’re playing our CD from Restaurant Pearl. Can you believe we loved a place, the food, the atmosphere (the spunky young French chef), so much we bought the CD?

Only in Bali hey? Only ever in Bali…..


5 responses to “JALAN JALAN IN BALI…

  1. Sarong????

  2. for dinner that is?

  3. Enjoy your last day in Bali! Sounds like a great day you have planned!

    • Thanks Melanie. We didn’t achieve much of it unfortunately. As Peter says, ‘there’s always next time’. Haha, I say, what about Japan??

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