Shadow Shot Bali

Hello, gorgeous readers of the nine day Bali blog. Every Sunday for me is ‘Shadow Shot Sunday’, where bloggers from all over the world post a shadowy photo. This is my photo for this week. It is one of the walkways at the villas where we are staying, Sun Island Boutique Villas, Seminyak.

We are loving our Bail holiday and blogging from Bali. What an experience – both of them. It will be very difficult to return to the ‘real’ world.

If you would like to see other shadow shots from around the world please visit Hey Harriet. You may even have a shadow shot you would like to add.


10 responses to “Shadow Shot Bali

  1. Delightful shadow shot for the day! Lovely shadows! Love the rich colors! Beautiful! Hope you have a great week!


  2. So enjoyed browsing your blog today, it brought back very happy memories of our time at the Amandari in Ubud.
    The shadows on the pathway are lovely and the flowers are gorgeous.

  3. Lovely shadow shots! I also read your previous post with great interest – we lived in Indonesia for 3 years and celebrated New Year 1998 in Bali with our son who had come out from Scotland for a visit. Your post brought back many happy memories, but also the reminder that many of the places we loved were destroyed in the Bali bombings.

  4. How beautiful! What a wonderful place to visit!

  5. Oh what an amazing plant! Lucky you to be blogging from Bali!

  6. Bali, sounds like you have plenty of material to shot!
    have a great holiday!

  7. bintang t-shirts – don’t pay more than 30,000 ea !!!!

  8. Gorgeous photo and I’m loving (even though a tad jealous) reading about your Bali adventures!

    • Thanks Melanie.
      I hope you had a great time in Melbourne (and successful).
      Yes, we are blessed to be in Bali (and QLD in five months time).

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