‘Om Bali’ Time

The mozzie coil (lavender scented, chosen by Peter) burns as the sun sets on another day Bali style. I have a problem with time – well not exactly with time, but how quickly it passes. So there’s my whinge and confession. I am not happy about the speed of the passage of time at this particular point in our holiday. But I’ll cope, I’m sure.

Today we slept in!! This is bad. We miss out on Bali. Sleeping in, as acceptable as it may sound whilst on holidays, is not something we want to be encouraged to do, but we did go to bed at 1am and we’re not as young as we used to be, when you could party all night and wake up early with no remnant of the previous night’s overindulgence remaining. So tonight, we have done what we always do; said we will have any early night. That is why at 6.40pm I am beginning the blog and Peter is running a little errand to Bintang and the wine shop to stock up on the obvious and the ‘turn-down’ service people are already making their way to our door and we don’t know where we’re going to have dinner (or if we even need any to be truthful). Obviously we are hopeless about going to bed early. In Bali, after sunset, we come alive. Well, I do to some extent and poor Peter tries to keep his eyes open and not let the team down – WE’RE ON HOLIDAYS!!

Turn down people are here – this could be our cue. But no….

Too busy sipping on my ‘blue lagoon’ – tropical fruits Absolut, blueberry Fanta and soda water. Well it is blue! Where is Peter with my wine?

Today commenced a little hurriedly, due to our sleep in. We managed to make it to breakfast with minutes to spare, scoffed eggs, bacon, toast, tropical fruits with lime juice, char kway teow and a latte each before cabbing it down to Spa Bali. Today Peter had a massage (he’s loving these every day) and I had my first Hair Cream Bath. Basically this is a head massage using tonnes of conditioner, with the massaging moving down to the neck and arms – one hour of bliss. Today, personally, I didn’t feel up to a massage. Yesterday when we went, I felt bruised all over (but I’m not) when they started digging in their little fingers and pressing so hard I watch their feet leave the ground, I was in a bit of agony so thought today would be a good day to sit it out.

We are on a mission to find a day spa that is affordable and gorgeous. Cheap usually is not gorgeous and gorgeous is usually not cheap, but we search on. Tomorrow we’re going to try a spa in the other direction, down on Jalan 66 and I will offer up my body yet again to the cause!

After our ‘treatments’ this morning we returned to what is becoming a regular haunt, Me’nu, for coffee and a quick chat with Frank about the dog who likes to frolic and play (a playful dog in Bali? I find this hard to believe) and wreaks havoc during the night in the fountain/fish pond decorating the front of his restaurant. I’d love to see that!

We then scamper off down our secret laneway, hoping to find an even faster route, but alas, and head back to our villa. We decided to keep walking and exploring and walking and exploring and….

We buy four Bintang singlets in girly colours for the teenage girls in our lives. We have probably bought the wrong colours, the wrong sizes. Who would know with teenagers. Anyway we have our first ‘bargaining’ experience. I’m trying to remember what they said on Trip Advisor about what you should pay for them and when the man announced 400,000 rupiah, I was sure he was taking me for a fool, but hey, that’s the game. I offered 150. He offered 300. I offered 160. He said ‘no’. I offered 170. He said ‘meet half way – 250’?? Huh? What is that half of? I say ‘180’. He says ‘a little bit more’. We agree on 190!! I think I may have paid too much. We go. Peter is wondering what he has just witnessed.

We wander further. We find second hand books. Peter needs another book to read. He’s finally finished the book he started about two years ago. I am not able to broker a deal with this vendor, so we walk off. I thought that was supposed to work. It doesn’t. Peter has nothing to read now.

We reach the beach at the end of Jalan 66. Every inch of beach is packed with brown, brown people, tanning themselves. I’m not sure how brown they are wanting to get. They must be European. Us Aussies know the dangers, right? People are surfing and doing other beachy stuff. Lots of people. I feel old (and very white).

We pop into Lanai for a mixed juice and Hawaiian pizza and a bit of people watching (plenty to see) before cabbing it back to our villa, which is where we have been ever since, sun baking and reading.

I’m reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. I haven’t read a book from front to back for about a year but this is it – my holiday reading. I know this has been a popular book around these parts and apparently people are coming to Bali because of what they’ve read in the book, but I’m not up to the Bali bit yet. It’s at the end. I hope I get there before we leave but at this point I’m beginning to think I’m not as interested in this lady as she is in herself. I’m sure the Bali bit is the best. I’m thinking of cutting straight to that bit. Time – time – is the enemy.

And here we are now. It’s 8.00pm on our ‘early’ night. Peter’s back with the wine.

‘Om Bali’ – I don’t know if that means anything but back in the 80’s all the t-shirts said ‘Om Bali’. I had a bumper sticker on my 1972 Honda Civic that said ‘Om Bali’. I like the sound of it, so Om Bali!! Until tomorrow.


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