OK, so will the Momiji readership tolerate The hijacker? Having tentatively suggested throwing a few words together for “the blog” – SemSavB has allowed me some space..! So..
Like many Aussies venturing to Bali for their first time since those hideous events of October 2002 I was nervous. Bali seems safe – NOW. Perfectly reasonable doubts.. I reasoned! Perth really IS a nice place, even more when you’re nervously flying away from it… But SSB and I were together travelling again. I love that.
The thing you can’t know until you do get here is that crossing the road in Bali, particularly at night, is way more risky to life and limb, than the chances of those other nasties I’d been thinking about. Anyway, every breath is by God’s Grace, so perhaps I can say the topic is dealt with. We move on..

I’m loving how often I get nice surprises here. I thought I wouldn’t like ‘the humidity’ – but right now, ‘the humidity’ seems perfect for being in – although it did get a bit warm yesterday from 3-ish till the sun set. I love that clothing can be minimal; walking in the sun isn’t unpleasant; you can lie in shade for ages (even better after a swim) and not get cold. Just remember to spray some insect repelling product at regular intervals. Apparently the bugs that bite during the day are the bad ones for that fever with the d-word.

The food we’ve eaten (Ryoshi.. Lemon Grass.. Menu.. all in Seminyak) has been sensational – tasty, fresh and not pricey. Our Thai dinner from two nights ago at Lemon Grass seemed like it was home made. Perfect!
Wine is gettable, albeit at a premium (170k Rupiah upwards). This drop is quite good.

I’m not big on beer (usually), but Bintang was invented for Bali. We source ours from the supermarket with the same name and at 12,900 Rupiah, you can’t go wrong.

The taxis are great. Our drivers have been friendly, cluey and their English and their driving skills have been spot on. Fares are none too shabby either. When was the last time you liked using a taxi? At 5,000 Rupiah for the flag fall and not much more for a 15 minute journey – it’s all bagus! I’m impressed that the drivers we’ve spoken to either worked hard to learn English at school, or did it on the job. All the cabbies we met have been keen to improve their spoken craft.
I’m not quite there yet with the use of the horn for attracting attention, “Do you need a taxi?”, rather than its more familiar use as an instrument of abuse!
I’m liking the Balinese sense of humour too. One guy called out “Hello!” across the street today. I called back “Hello. How are you?”. “Bloody good – for your information!” was the reply. Sama sama..

I’ve had 3 massages so far – 2 of them with SSB alongside! If there’s someone you love, and love travelling with, massages together – yes, with everything above board – for the record, are perfect. The truth be known. I like her company while a stranger is pummelling and kneading my limbs and muscles. Make of it what you will. That’s me. I love my wife and I like her company. This is her town too. It’s good to travel with someone who knows stuff about the place you’re visiting.

Today – another first – we picked up our laundry. It was carefully wrapped and appears to have been washed with care in something particularly fragrant. Another Bali treat!

Agreement was reached that a pit-stop at Ryoshi for a sashimi lunch was permissible.

We are attempting to map more of the back alleys between here and the beach (the dead ends are interesting too, and we haven’t made it to the beach yet).

It’s our quest to go everywhere, avoiding main roads and main road footpaths  – as the latter are increasingly motor bike freeways whenever we seem to be out and about.. I could go on. Today is halfway through our stay here.

Back to you, SSB..


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