Our Bali… We are Half Way Tonight

I’m no good at keeping track of the days but Peter told me today we are only half way! Half way? So, here’s me panicking about my tan. I am definitely not ‘bronzed’ yet and shopping – I have bought zero so far and the list (restaurants) – we’ve only been to three restaurants on the list!! My hair cream bath? So far not accomplished. Eeeee, I was panicking big time – and then Peter said “It’s Saturday. We’re only half way”. I breathe a sigh of relief. It really does feel as though we have been here for weeks.

My thoughts are, ‘it is boring to daily report on what we do’. Why? Because we do the same thing every day. Peter and I are, sadly, creatures of habit. That is our realm of comfort. Everywhere we go, we have a routine, that becomes our ritual, that is comfortable for us and we rarely venture outside our little comfort zone. When we plan trips to Japan we look forward to our nightly snack of kaki no tane accompanied by drinks of champagne before we venture out for dinner. Our breakfast is always a latte and hamu chiizu rooru at Starbucks. Ooooohhhhh, is there something wrong with us?! No. We can’t be that bad, but we do love our little ‘things’ together. Ryoshi being one of them..

In Bali? Breakfast at the villas – eggs (done any way you like), bacon (Bali style) and sausage (little Japanese style sausage) for Peter and for me, tropical fruits with a squeeze of lime accompanied by whatever is on offer at the buffet – today was banana pancakes and always with a latte. Yesterday was baked beans and toast. I discovered the sweetest little gecko yesterday who liked to sneak in for a lick of the baked beans spoon. It was so cute. I thought geckos were nocturnal and ate things like moths, but no, baked beans appeared to be very desirable to this little creature. Sorry to anyone who doesn’t share my unconditional love of this particular member of the reptile family.

You know? I could ramble on forever, about whatever. For example, it is glorious to be sitting outside at 7.30pm. The temperature is tropical, the breeze is soothing and I want this always and forever. We are sprayed with Rid and the mosquito coil is smoking off any disease carrying bugs. By the way, Peter has adopted the ‘cute’ nickname for me ‘nyamuk’. “My little nyamuk”! Nyamuk means mosquito. What’s with that?  Perhaps it will not last. Don’t forget he’s multi-lingual. That would be what it’s all about. Why did I teach him that word??

So, it’s Saturday night (as Peter announced earlier). ‘No’ I say, ‘We are on holiday in Bali! Every night is Saturday night’. To the (confusing) sounds of a nearby Salsa class(?) we sip on wine (of the Gods) and Bintang and consider making a decision about dinner tonight. ‘Sip’ is literally across the road. Oh (major, major sigh) It is THE most beautiful night, here in our villa. Way too difficult to make decisions about where to go from here.

The ‘turn down’ service is approaching. I hear them tapping  on the door next to ours. Oh, how I am smiling!  They must think we’re crazy. Every time they arrive I am typing away on my computer. I have sent Peter inside to hide our undies and make it easy for them to turn down the bed, spray the mozzies and leave us a little Balinese cake. Hmmm, dinner maybe? No!! We ARE going out. We are. We just need to decide where. In the meantime we…. tap tap tap. Here they are. I CAN’T STOP SMILING!! Four of them, tending to us. I can barely hold back the tears.

Beautiful, beautiful people. Terima Kasih… very much.


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