Yes, that’s right. Hijacked!! Peter (aka Mr Champagne and now Mr Competitive), is also actually a published author, albiet an author of Japanese language text books. So not wanting to be left out of spotlight, spent quite a chunk of time today drafting his blog entry. What the?? We are on holiday! Being creative is his job. Being creative is my hobby. It’s what I do when I’m on holiday! But he can’t help himself. My husband has things to say about Bali. He has taken photos on his whiz bang camera and he wants to share with the world too. Well, why not? So I’m letting him have a turn tonight tomorrow night. (After I’ve had my turn!)

It’s because he is really loving it here and I am so pleased about that. I should be happy, but it is myyyyyyy blog (she whines, again).

So to today (and dinner last night). First of all, can I say what a fantastic location we have here in Jalan Seminyak. From here we can walk to some of Bali’s best restaurants, day spas, reliable money changer (little BMC bank branch with the best rate around) and some fabulous shops. We can also walk to the beach and what we are doing now is experimenting by venturing off the beaten track and using the back alleys. We are learning a few short cuts and I highly recommend trying it. If you want peace and quite and an even, wide path with only the occasional passing motor bike, then take the back alleys. They have become our secret labrynth. They have already saved us from the gridlock that is Jalan Raya Seminyak from about 2pm onwards.

We just don’t know why everyone else is sitting out on the main drag when the back alleys are a wide open road. Maybe it’s illegal, but whatever the reason, I’m very happy with this discovery. If you have a wonky sense of direction, however, I would recommend taking a compass.

Let’s continue now by going back to dinner last night. By the time we left the villa it was around 9pm. Well, we could have just gone to bed at that stage. I suppose that would have been the practical thing to do but to waste a potential night of dining out in Bali would be unforgivable on so many levels. So off we trekked. We approached Ryoshi. We walked past Ryoshi. We said ‘No’ to Ryoshi, even though we only wanted something light, like sashimi, for instance. But we can’t keep going to Ryoshi. We strode along purposefully, even though we had no idea where we would go now that we weren’t going to Ryoshi.

Then Lemon Grass appeared. Lemon Grass?! – That’s on my list!

What a little gem. I highly recommend it. The food was superb; absolutely the best Thai I have had, since I don’t know when. Our bill came to about $40, including two Bintangs and two glasses of house wine (which were drinkable, believe it or not). I’m not going to do a restaurant review here. I’ll do it in Tripadvisor. I’m no food blogger. All I want to say, is if you’re in the area, please put this one on your list. When we walked past tonight, it was packed!

So here we are tonight. Our day consisted of walking, sun tanning, receiving a ‘couples’ massage, eating pizza for late lunch (see how good we are, not filling up on things like sates, mi goreng, pasta, rice, hahahaha). I even swam two laps of our plunge pool. Exhausting or what?

On the list – the restaurant list? Tonight was Gado Gado. We were going to cab it there, but when we walked out onto the street realised that we were moving faster than the traffic so ducked down one of our new found back alleys and arrived at our destination on foot, a little warm, but on time and quite composed. Oh and about $1.50 better off (having saved a massive cab fare!) We had also burnt off some unneeded calories, which we were soon to replace anyway.

Gado Gado is on the beach. That is nice. The food is fine enough, but again I won’t be doing a review here coz I’m not a food/restaurant blogger. We enjoyed our meal and as is always the case in Bali, the staff treated us like royalty. They smile, they are attentive, they are fast and they are kind. We don’t get that much in Perth. One thing I will say. The glass of house wine at Gado Gado cost 100,000 rupiah and tasted like chardonnay. The glass of house wine at Lemon Grass cost 37,000 rupiah and didn’t taste like chardonnay (thank God). Gado Gado has a good reputation, but is a bit of a tourist trap and expensive by Bali standards. Lemon Grass on the other hand is delightful and the menu and prices superb. Try to guess which one we want to go back to.

I have lots more to tell. I am going to post a series ‘Dogs of Bali’. Hey, I’m a dog lover and the Bali dogs are lovable (from a distance). I want to share them. I am also going to post a series ‘Footpaths of Bali’ because you just have to see them, but for now I’m going to let the ‘hijacker’ have his turn.

Tomorrow is Saturday. It is going to be about 18 degrees in Perth. I have nothing to say. Nothing.

Do I have to go home????

I said I wasn’t going to say anything….


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