Our Bali holiday is in full swing. Peter now has the fridge stocked with Bintangs (yes, Peter, ‘Mr Champagne’ himself) and I am considering wearing a bikini top out to dinner tonight (perhaps to the detriment of the poor restaurant’s reputation). Well my tan is so incredible I want to show it off. OK. My tan looks good in the light of the setting sun but back in the harsh lighting of our bathroom I still look like a piece of dough, waiting to be kneaded and baked in the oven. TMI?? Sorry.

So today, our Bali odyssey continues. Today’s big plan? Carla Day Spa. This is one my friend frequents and recommended. We actually trekked down there from our hotel, waving off offers and brochures from approximately ten other spa establishments, our gaze firmly fixed in the distance.

The walk itself was probably about one kilometre, but felt a lot longer, as does any walk on the streets of Bali. Why? A couple of factors, I think. It could have something to do with the rugged nature of the ‘footpaths’. They are fragmented (that’s being diplomatic), narrow, strewn with offerings to the Gods and dogs that are oblivious the the world that roars and wanders past them all at the same time, all day long. They sleep. Some look like they might be in an eternal sleep actually and they all look like they’ve seen better days. They were probably very sweet little puppies, but they all end up resting all day on footpaths, moth-eaten and possibly rabid. The good thing is, I can’t imagine them waking up any time soon and biting you.

The other difficulty about the ‘footpaths’ is that they are often also the ‘road’. Funnily, the only people seeming not to realise that these bits on the side of the road are for pedestrians are ‘gaijins’ (Japanese word for foreigners). Nice one guys! Sorry we occasionally got in your way!

Oh, nearly forgot to mention the humidity, the endless stream of chaotic traffic, blaring horns and the big, muddy puddles also make for a seemingly longer walk. We had to try it though, but next time a taxi for the price of about 10000 rupiah (not much more than $1.00) will be our chosen mode of transport.

So, after our eventual arrival at Carla we each were pummeled, prodded, oiled up and ‘firmly’ massaged for an hour. This being Peter’s first Bali massage, I listened worriedly from my cubicle for cries of ‘stop, stop’ or ‘arrgh’ (I did actually hear a grown man scream this once, during a massage) but no. I hear a few ‘bagus'(es) interspersed with a few sighs and I feel a certain sense of pride that he likes his Bali massage and I am the one who introduced him to this simple pleasure. Another first for him here in Bali, just like him introducing me to my first onsen in Japan.

I stay on at Carla for a pedicure, mainly because last night I discovered that tropical strength Rid is a form of spray-on nail polish remover. Tonight I have to choose. Do I want to ruin my beautiful toenails or would I rather risk dengue fever? Well, at this stage I’m hoping the mosquito coil will do the job. I really don’t wait to ruin my glittering, pink nails.

Whilst I continued on at Carla, Peter wandered Dhyana Pura taking photos. He could have gone to the beach and back, but I don’t think he wanted to venture too far on his own.

After the day spa experience we decided to cab it back to Sun Island, but before the next cab arrived we realised we were standing right outside ‘Menu’, a restaurant I had read about and had a recommendation for. So, Menu it was for lunch. Not exactly the light lunch we had planned upon – mi goreng – sounds light enough right? But in this generous little establishment we also received complimentary grissini with pesto and balsamic vinegar, a little cocktail in a shot glass and of course the mi goreng was topped with a fried egg, sunny side up, accompanied by two chicken sates (in their homemade peanut sauce), kropok and some lightly pickled vegies. Oh, and a latte. They were very good.

Needless to say, we are now approaching 8pm and not the tiniest bit hungry just yet. We are definitely going to have to do something about this overeating at lunch time if we are to make it to all the restaurants I’ve planned. Would anyone think any less of us if we had sashimi and gyoza again tonight?

So here we are again. We were a little later returning this afternoon, so only caught the last hour of sunshine before the sun slipped behind the wall of our little courtyard, heading for the horizon. That reminds me, we must get down to the beach for a sunset! Peter dozed and dozed and dozed. I read, then shut my eyes for five minutes then proceeded with the nightly download of photos, lighting of the mosquito coil, making of the ‘Absolut-orange-&-soda’ cocktail and blog update and then Peter woke with a start just in time for a Bintang to begin our evening ritual together.

And that’s where we’re up to now (sorry for starting a sentence with ‘and’, Mum). We’re getting later and later each day. We must stop this lazing around – get along to the happy hour at our villa’s cafe, shop some and eat somewhere other than Ryoshi for dinner. What is wrong with us?? It could be that we are in full swing, Bali style.

Another week of this? Yeah….. I believe we can handle that!


4 responses to “ANOTHER WEEK OF THIS?

  1. Sounds like you’re having a lovely relaxed holiday! Just what you both needed! How much was your massage?

    • Hi Sheila,
      The massage was 55,000 rupiah – approximately $7.00. Altogether the two massages and the pedicure with painted nails cost approximately $20! So cheap!

  2. Is it OK to eat the salad?

    • The salad is fine, Mum. Depends where you are I guess. This restaurant is owned by some people from Perth. They make sure everything is safe! Very lovely, helpful people they are too. We went there for a coffee today before our massage!

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