……… unfortunately we just need to pop into work for about eight hours on Monday!

I don’t think like everyone else nor like anyone else.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday – three sleeps to go…

Then we’re off to Bali!


Today’s little foray to the shoppes. Our last little shopping foray until we hit the streets of Seminyak! When I placed our purchases on the counter I said to Peter ‘well, I think you can tell we’re going on a holiday!’

This is exciting!!

And when we’re on our holiday I have planned just one or two things, but not too much and nothing taxing.

Here is a ‘before’ photo.

Precious metals and a gemstone or two. I’m going to have these babies melted down and made into my birthday present – 45 next month. I’ll post the ‘after’ photos sometime ‘after.’ Did I just say ‘45‘?

Yeah, I know.. People go to Bali to see the sights, experience the local culture, sample some fine local cuisine, shop, sun bake, relax and watch beautiful sunsets. Not me! I go to Bali to have jewellery remodeled, right? Not really, but it’s cheaper there and hey, my birthday is coming up and well, I can. We will also attempt to achieve all of the above!

Three more sleeps!!! Eeeeeee, exciting!


4 responses to “WE’RE ON HOLIDAYS!!

  1. Hoho-!! Bali tomorrow! 😀
    Enjoy sightseeing, food, Indonesian culture, shopping, getting tun, relaxing… remodelling jewellery!

  2. Have a wonderful trip you two! We will miss you, but am so glad you are getting a lovely, sunny, relaxing break 🙂 See you when you get back! xoxo

    • Thank you so much K. Ahhhh, this time tomorrow we’ll be in the tropics, dining at Ryoshi. Can’t wait. We’ll be thinking of our group (I suppose you maybe aren’t getting together??). But we will think about you guys anyway. Lots to catch up on when we return!
      I hope your holiday plans are panning out.

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