Here we are. Sunday night – late, as far as getting together any kind of blog about the weekend goes. It is going to have to be a quickie. That makes me a bit sad because there was a lot I wanted to blog about; just everyday stuff, but I really felt like rambling on and sharing some interesting thoughts and happenings. Oh well…. I’m sure we’ll all survive.

We stayed in Perth this weekend. I almost forgot why, but then remembered two reasons:
1. We wanted to go to church up here
2. We wanted to go to the Perth Upmarket (did I say we?)

So, oh, yes, Peter wanted to do some work in the garden here in our communal accommodations – mow lawn, whipper snip, clear away leaves (and I don’t just mean rake. I’m talking about quite a build up, in which earth worms have made a home and trees have started to sprout). We are the sole carers, out of 11 residents, for the entire property. We don’t mind, if they don’t mind. No one else seems to care, but if they do, they are welcome to grab the lawn mower and have a go themselves……. but they don’t. It’s kind of like ‘fully serviced apartments’ without any service whatsoever!! Unless we stay in Perth for a weekend.

Ooooh, that reminds me. Mr Sparrow. I am in love with Mr Sparrow.

I know you are probably confused about the connection between Mr Sparrow and our duties as pseudo caretakers of an entire property of 11 apartments. How intriguing, the way the human brain works (perhaps not all human brains). Anyway, the connection goes like this. I dropped into Mr Sparrow in Subiaco on Friday afternoon, after I managed to escape my 9 to 5 torture chamber. I had been dreaming of this interlude for days and promised myself I wouldn’t spend more than $100. I was a good girl on this occasion. Can you believe it?

Whenever I am spending the weekend in Perth I like to have some inspiration.

Mr Sparrow provided me with all I desired for an inspired weekend. First up, ‘Light Sleeves’.  They are simple sheets of fire- resistant artwork that wrap around a tea light and clip together with the most adorable paper clip. I would buy them just for the paper clips. I chose dandelion design. So how was I inspired, you ask. I don’t know. I just was. They’re beautiful. I love them.

I guess I was inspired to dust the top of the shelves so I could line them up (4 in a set for $25) and spend Friday evening taking photos of them. That in turn inspired Peter to bring out his camera, which is far superior to mine and this photo is one of his.

Second inspiration from Mr Sparrow? “Bottle with three birds”. This is by ‘have you met miss jones’ Beautiful Birds Collection. What inspiration did I glean? Well, I was inspired to pick flowers from the garden (for which my man and I are responsible). Not a lot to inspire out there but my good old lavender (which sprouts up around us, wherever we go) and a bit of yellow, in keeping with the Mr Sparrow store theme.

Isn’t it scrumptious – as in creme brulee, scrumptious? Any stick would look good in this little baby because it is so beautiful! More love….

So… how did I get on to Mr Sparrow and his beautiful wares from talking about tending the the unkempt gardens that surround our humble abode? Ahhhhh, garden gloves. My last piece of inspiration this weekend. I don’t have photos. I am all photoed out, but trust me, they are sublime (can garden gloves be sublime?). I gardened in them – weeding, raking, scooping, hedging, snipping, sweeping and running inside because I saw a snail (sorry, that’s weird, I know).

So here I am. It is now past bedtime and all I’ve talked about is our Sunday afternoon really. It was a very pleasing weekend – not one bit unpleasant. If only we could get out of bed before 10.30am on the weekends, I’m sure there are lots more things we could achieve (and it would be good training for when we go on overseas holidays). But, well, we didn’t and now I’ve run out of time on the weekend. There is so much more I wanted to share.

Just ever so quickly, here’s my shadow shot for Sunday. Ohhhh, it’s so late. I don’t want it to be Monday tomorrow. But it has been a lovely weekend – creme brulee, for sure…..

Long afternoon shadows at our house in the ‘country’.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned the Up Market. Maybe next time………


6 responses to “BYEEEEE WEEKEND…..

  1. What a lovely room. I would love to sit there among the shadows.

  2. A lovely sun-striped shadow!

  3. I thoroughly loved reading your post. And your country house looks so pretty. I have trouble getting up before 10am on weekends also. I always feel I’ve wasted precious time sleeping in. But I so love sleeping in!

  4. Great shadows! This post also very good for MYM.
    Love those T light wraps.

  5. magicalmysticalteacher

    afternoon waning,
    shadows sliding like babies
    across slick tile floor

    Derelict Dwelling Shadows

  6. OK, you have to stop tempting me with all this gorgeous Mr Sparrow goodies!!

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