A weekend..

Shadows cast at midnight.

Shadows of last weekend’s lavender, left behind to welcome our return on Friday night.

Sunday evening – late again. No time to blog about all the things we did and thought and planned. But plans are afoot. Big plans. Good plans. Exciting plans.

Will get back to you.

God bless you this Sunday evening. Sleep well…

Shadow Shot Sunday – please pay us a visit at Hey Harriet.


4 responses to “SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY

  1. I love lavender – such a pretty flower and smelling so sweet. Now I know it casts wonderful shadows!

  2. I love lavender – we have lots growing in the garden, which I dry in the autumn to make lavender bags with. Lovely shadow shots!

  3. I also love lavender but I’m having no luck with growing it at the moment. Grrr! Lovely shadow shots! And I’m really keen to hear all about your big exciting plans!

    Have yourself a big exciting week too!

    • Thanks Tracy! Our lavender is growing into a crop. We can’t believe how it just keeps popping up everywhere (and anywhere). I hope yours works out. Maybe it’s the wrong soil or something.

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