A Jagged Breath from our Neglected Blog…

Why haven’t I blogged for weeks? How have I so easily let my Bookcase Tour Tuesdays and my Shadow Shot Sundays slip away week after week? How is it that the pangs of guilt are so easily ignored and overridden after the first week or two, until I don’t even know what day it is anyway?

Melodramatic? Maybe. Blogging can be like that.

This is a new facet to the human psyche, me thinks. But that’s about all I think. I’m no psychoanalyst. Although I do psycho analyse just about everyone and everything I come into contact with. That includes blogs I read, so watch out.

So the point is there is no point. I have no reason and no excuse for my lack of (blogging) libido. At some point I shut down, as though the lines went down, or overloaded or something.

I have spent time in the blogs I read, reading about Vanilla Ice Cream Days, followed by Peanut Butter Parfait Weekends , Hunchie, Flower Planting Workshops, Fortune Tellers and Illustrated Men, Wedge Enablers.

In other words an absolutely daunting and endless array of happenings that are exciting, enlivening, enlightening, endearing, excruciating and any amount of emotion-evoking prose that overwhelms me a bit I guess and makes me realise that I’m just not exactly a “vanilla-ice-cream-day” type of person (never have been actually).

Anyway, enough about why I haven’t blogged lately. I’m here now, ain’t I.

I don’t carry a camera with me everywhere I go. If I did, I doubt I would find that much photo-worthy content to my day (because my days are more Vegemite sandwich than Vanilla Ice Cream).

Today I sat at a desk in the middle of the office; the coldest desk in the office because the air conditioner seems hell bent on concentrating air that is always the wrong temperature directly onto my head all day – all day. Truly. It’s not my usual desk because I am still waiting for the carpet to be replaced in my normal office since it all had to be removed after our ‘famous hailstorm’. Hmmmmmm, yes, that was months ago.

We are waiting for a visit from the insurance assessor. I hope I remember my manners when he/she does eventually arrive to assess our storm damage and give us permission to re-cover concrete floor with carpet similar to the carpet that was soaked and stinky and had to be removed before disease set in!

So that was work. I did some work and I really did nothing else other than listen to people argue and catch up with a few precious people on the phone.

When work was over I drove home via Woolies, picked up some salmon, came home and made my husband and me a fabulous low carb dinner; Lime and sweet chilli fish parcels (low carb because we are going to be in Bali in less than three months – white, doughy bodies sunning themselves by the pool), then thought to myself. “If I don’t blog tonight?” “If I don’t share the mundanity along with the vanilla ice cream with cherries and stuff on top, tonight, then I never will”. “The blog will die and I will lose my blog family (if I have one) and I will float around in cyber space, lost, lonely and forgotten by a community that numbers in the millions – a big fat NOBODY!

Ah, I didn’t really think that, but it’s a thought!

I like to write. I am not a writer. I don’t have time, but, OHHHHH, if I did!!

I’ve missed you – you two who have been clicking, hoping for an update. I really wish we had more time for each other.

I hope and believe that there will come a day that I can take 50 photos of wonderous wonders that happen to me every day. I will regale the world with tales of mirth. I will be a source of enjoyment every day and put a smile on even the most miserable face (if only for a second). I will share and I will divulge my deepest thoughts about everything from a stray cat to marriage. Please wait for me, my faithful followers. The day is coming. I think it will a day in the year 2030. I should have time then, but until then I will sporadically do this……….

And I hope you enjoy it more than this…….

(Look closely at this photo – my thumb looks like Luna’s tongue sticking out – hahaha!!! Am I going mad?)

God bless you. If I can’t bring a smile to your face, I know God can. Good night. Until next time…….


6 responses to “A Jagged Breath from our Neglected Blog…

  1. Aaaah…how did you know I’d been waiting? I’m one of the clickers that sits at work and when my brain starts frying I think “I wonder what Megan’s been up to?” Instead of emailing or ringing you ha ha. Which I will be doing shortly! xoxo

  2. I’ve been meaning to comment on this for a while, sorry, I’m a bit behind in my blog catch ups 😉

    I’m one of those bloggers who missed your updates, I’d like to think of you as part of my “blog family”. I know how you feel about these blogs with “vanilla ice-cream lives”, but to be honest, while I do love looking at those, it’s much more the blog relationships with “real” people like yourself that I hold dear.

    • Awww… Thank you Melanie. You are a sweet blog friend! I would love to see you in Brissy when we’re over in Jan. Then we can be ‘real’ friends!

  3. I was hoping that we could meet up then! And hey, we might even be living up near your old home by then!

    • How exciting! I want to take Peter to Maleny and Montville. I’m already beginning to wish we had longer over there!

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