Weekly update this time. I haven’t posted since last Sunday; Anzac Day.
(Feel free to quickly scroll down, ignoring my ramblings, if you are here to look at this weeks shadow shots!)

I’m typing this on Saturday evening, sitting at the dining room table with my husband next to me on his computer. He’s editing his old movies of his time in Japan, 35 years ago. This activity has been ongoing for the past six months (obviously not continuously). Whenever he has a spare moment it’s what he loves to do. The problem I have with it is that he is putting music to it so I hear the same quirky little Japanese tracks played over and over again as he tries to get them timed in with the film (at least that’s what I think he’s doing). I imagine by the time he’s done I will have quite a repertoire of cutesy Ghibli songs that I will be able to recite and not have a clue what I am singing. I’m sure that will come in handy one day – NOT.

The week that was?

This time last week we were at my sister’s house having a small party, mainly in order to hand over her lollies, but really an excuse to catch up again and enjoy each others company. It was only the week before that we had been together at Rottnest. It’s a strange phenomena that I can see a sister who lives 150km away twice in a week, yet only see my parents who live five minutes walk away once!

This week was a short week, because of the ANZAC day holiday (thanks again ANZACs). It has sped by and there’s no photos to show for it. Last night was spent celebrating a friend’s 35th (child) at the Ellington Jazz Club in the city. Today, our usual lazy Saturday sleep in followed by shopping for Saturday night’s cook up and a few fashion items, since we are in the city this weekend. So obviously, a noisy, broken, sleep in, with neighbours almost on top of us here, all being little Saturday morning busy bees.

Shadow shots!! That’s where I started. I should update the blog more often, then I wouldn’t have to try to fit in a weeks worth of news when I’m supposed to be sharing shadow shots.

Peter took these. This is my sister’s golden retriever and cat. I love their tolerance/love for each other, which is so very evident in these shots in the shadows of my sister’s little garden on the sheltered side of the house. She lives near the beach, you see.

Thank you so much if you persevered to get to the actual photos! You have just seen the sweetest, most beloved, loving, lovely dog in the world – Huey!

If you would like to join the Sunday shadow shooters click over to Hey Harriet where you can view the other talented work or even post your own.

Happy Sunday! May God bless you. Well, He will anyway, so just enjoy and count your blessings!


10 responses to “SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY

  1. What wonderful shots, it makes me want to give them both a hug.

  2. Absolutely wonderful captures! What a beautiful dog and cat and how sweet they look together, enjoying one another! Yes, I want to give them both a big hug, too! Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Wonderful shots! So cute they are 🙂

  4. Wow! The cat and dog look like they are very good friends!

  5. I’m totally smitten with this furry couple! These are adorable photos! And I enjoyed reading your weeks worth of news. It was fun!

    Quirky Japanese music sounds interesting. Maybe not so interesting if hearing it over and over…hehe. So the movies must be on old super8 film? If so, that’s a wonderful format and I bet they look magic. I love the look of old film!

    • Thanks Tracy. Yes, they are super8. They are totally magical. I wait for him to finish and then sit down and watch with him. The editing takes such a lot of time but they are just wonderful in the end. More so because they are places we have visited together in the last three years on trips to Japan. They mean so much to him and I’m able to share in it.

  6. Thank you all for your comments this week. I will give the animals a big hug for you all – love all that soft fur, as long as Huey has had a bath. One of his most favourite things to do is to roll on smelly things on the beach!

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  8. Greetings from our 9 years old Golden Retriever !
    But she can not bear cats, they are only ones, who irritate her. Grandchildren can do to her almost anything and she is very, very patient with them.
    Your photos are so touching, I have to show them to my husband too 🙂

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