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Lest we forget..

Well, I haven’t forgotten.

Although not one of the original ANZACs, my uncle fought in world war two. He killed a Japanese man in New Guinea. I love Japanese people and I love my uncle.

That’s all I have to say on the matter.

Apart from all the remembering we are supposed to do today, we have a holiday tomorrow – A LONG WEEKEND!! Thank you ANZACs, for fighting for our freedom and for giving us a long weekend. I bet you all would have loved a long weekend somewhere in all that fighting. I don’t want to dwell on the past, especially not the war stuff. There’s always going to be suffering in our beautiful world. About all I can do is pray that God will help us and sort out this whole mess, once and for all……. soon!

So, in rememberance of the ANZACs, here’s my submission for Shadow Shot Sunday. Well? I don’t have many war photos kicking around. I also acknowledge that the shadows you are about to see are kind of negligible, but there are shadows, if you look for them.

However, we did happen to visit Oliver Hill Battery on our trip to Rottnest Island last weekend.

The Oliver Hill Battery played a part in protecting Australia in WWII. The threat of attack felt very real to the people of Australia during WWII. There was an attack on Darwin (in the very far north) and the sinking of the HMAS Sydney off the coast of Geraldton, but in the end Fremantle must have been just a little out of range for even the most determined of enemies. No enemy fire ever emanated from, nor was it directed at Oliver Hill.

Strangely I feel sad for all the troops, men and women, who worked so hard and spent so much time anticipating war on their shores. They ended up playing around with the big gun, shooting a giant hole in a neighbouring hill and remodeling a nearby atoll using missile power. Well, it was kind of in the way and they needed a better view of the enemy, should they venture into our waters.

On the other hand I am overjoyed that we (or my Mum and Dad, at least) were more or less ignorned by the warring world on that occasion. But I don’t like talking about war (except for this fairly uninformed blog especially for ANZAC Day 2010).

Anyway, you can see the tour wasn’t wasted on me! All the above information was expertly imparted by one of the volunteer guides on the island. I grew up in Western Australia, but knew nothing of this part of our history. I can’t wait to go back there and discover more…. and to sit in the sun, drinking lattes, eating pastries and/or shell fish, thinking about what I might like to eat and drink at dinner time!

So, people, history lesson is O.V.A. – over.

Happy Sunday and happy ANZAC day. God bless Australia!!

If you would like to join the Shadow Shot Sunday troops please visit Hey Harriet‘s blog and show us your shadows!



  1. A wonderful to honour the Anzac Day.

    Have a happy holiday, even for a day. It makes a week different .

    Take care & God Bles..

  2. The bird is at peace as it looks over the scenery, unaware of the history. That there will be those that will fight four freedom, yours and mine. That we can be free is wonderful, although over the passing of time, children won’t know and may not be taught about the sacrifices of others. The look of the guns is a testament that a time of fighting took place, and if need be, will be used if necessary…

  3. How easy it is for North Americans to forget how close WWII came to Australia and New Zealand!

  4. The dove is simply magnificent…if we could only have world peace, what a grand tribute this would make to our fallen brothers and sisters…have a wonderful day!!!

  5. Thanks for all the comments. I was away for the long weekend and have only just come back online, so thanks again to SSS contributors. It such a sweet little community.

  6. Oh that birdy is too sweet! I enjoyed the history lesson and the photos. I had every intention to go along to the ANZAC dawn service on Sunday but just couldn’t drag my lazy tired butt outta bed. I’m so slack!

    Thanks so much for visiting my new blog! Yes the island can be like a little slice of paradise but there are quite a few disadvantages to living on an island also. It can be very tricky at times. I just try not to dwell on the negative aspects. Not via the blog anyway ;D

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