I am a loyal contributor to “Bookcase Tour Tuesday“. However that particular meme is in hibernation. See? Once I’m onto something I just can’t let it go or give up.

So, this week? A magical, mystery tour. Well, not really a tour, but magical, kinda…

Look what Peter won!

Do you have any idea what you’re looking at here?

No? Not exactly. A slice of lolly pizza?

Well, my very clever and super-beloved husband won us a two foot high terrarium filled with 2,380 (I think) lollies!


I agree. As my friend said “Oh, I thought you were going to say dollars”. Yes, $2,380, I could find a place for, but 2,380 lollies present us with a whole set of unanticipated problems. Please don’t think we are ungrateful! Never look a gift terrarium in the mouth, I always say. Don’t you?

We have containers. We have lots of containers. Many plastic containers. They are all full. We have those Chinese restaurant take-away containers. They are full and if you are a friend or family member I encounter in the near future, one (or more, if you require) of these containers is going to become yours! No, no don’t thank me, really. It’s nothing. You’re doing us a favour, honestly!

Please send me a message if you want free lollies. No strings attached. Lollies here for everyone!! Come an’ get ’em!

By the way, we were attending the annual Tabor Dinner; a fundraiser for a very worthy cause – Tabor College. If I was young again, or perhaps when I’m older and don’t work so much, I would like to go to Tabor and learn about biblical stuff. For the time being though, we can support the college by eating thousands of lollies. Hmmm.

God bless you and may He continue to bless Tabor College, its staff, students, board and supporters.


6 responses to “LOLLY JAR TOUR TUESDAY

  1. OH YUM! Now lets see… I spy some snakes, witchety grubs, false teeth, milk bottles, spearmint leaves, bananas, raspberries, licorice allsorts, strawberries and cream….. sorry, had to stop typing to wipe up the drool on my keyboard!

    So not fair showing this as I’m vowing to curb my sugar addiction! So not fair!

    • Ah! You know your lollies! I also have about 15 full packets that were hidden in the middle. I have your address. Would you be upset if I sent you some?

  2. Oh wow, yum they look tasty. What a lucky man you have!

  3. Mmm… I wouldn’t be too upset…. 🙂

  4. Melanie Gray Augustin

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had a very sugared up holiday and my sugary days are continuing… mind you, I may have ignored the “slowly” bit… 🙂

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