Sunday is here again. This time last week was Resurrection Sunday.

We had lunch at Peter’s sister’s house and dinner at my parents’ house. It was a busy day and so wonderful to catch up with so many members of our families. This included my old church family. We went to church with Mum; the church where I grew up and then moved away from. I love going back from time to time. Some of my old school friends’ mothers still go, just like mine and it is so reassuring and comforting being around people I have known most of my life. Even though it meant missing the morning at our own church, it was worth it, just to be around my Mum and share that special celebration with her. She is the one who taught me about Jesus, after all!

So here we are a week later and another Shadow Shot Sunday hosted by Hey Harriet.

Autumn is upon us now and being in Western Australia, that means we still have lots of sun. I don’t know why though, but I haven’t felt in a photographic mood lately. I’ve been leaving it up to Peter to capture those special moments, so my shadow shot was taken some weeks ago, when it was still Summer, I think. I do remember it was incredibly hot that day. So hot the little wasps were soaking up the refreshments, along with their little wing shadows, from one of our many bird baths at our country(ish) abode.

I’ll say sorry now to anyone who is freaked out by insect photos. Sorry!!

I hope I haven’t caused any adverse reactions, heart palpitations, sweats or panic. Honestly, I know how it feels. That’s what happens to me when I chance upon a clever close up of some slimy thing with a shell perched on its back, if you could call it a back, when there is no backbone present.

I have tried to be sensitive to any phobias you may have and will definitely never post any of my spider shots. Or, if I do, I will issue a warning that some readers may be horrified or traumatised by photos OF SPIDERS!! that will follow (so DO NOT scroll down). Not today though.

I just wish people would demonstrate the same sensitivity when it comes to photos of slimy grey things with shells that they live in when they’re not out terrorising! Just terrorising; me, leafy green things, letters left in letterboxes overnight, anything that stops still for more than ten minutes on a cool, moist evening, you name it! Better still, please never photograph those creatures. They are ugly and not photogenic and should never ever appear on a screen which enlarges them ten times the size they actually are. NEVER!

Goodnight and may God bless you and keep you.



  1. What a fantastic capture of that wasp’s shadow! Was it random? Or did you lie in waiting for the opportunity?
    Also, I love the story that goes along with this submission. Many folks just post the Shadow Shots, and that’s okay, but I like to read about the lives of real people, so, Thanks.


    • Thank you. I was intentionally taking shadow shots that day, but really, it was only when I downloaded these that I saw the little shadows. Thank you for stopping by and reading. too!

  2. I’m a bug lover, there’s a purpose to all living creatures, it’s our fear of the unknown that’s creepy…’cept spideys, now they creep me out even so!!!

    Your lil’ Luna is adorable!!!

    • Thank you for stopping by. Yes Luna is adorable, but right now pup needs a bath! As to the purpose of slimy creatures? Hmmmm, I’m sure there is one, but is it a good one?

  3. magicalmysticalteacher

    Wasps may be waspish,
    but in the great scheme of things
    so necessary.

    Your choice of shadows:
    Stony Shadows
    Deluge of darkness

    • Thanks for looking at wasp shadow. I don’t mind him. I’m sure he makes himself very useful when he’s not sitting around drinking!

  4. Excellent shadow shot of the wasp! I also like the shadow of the leaf in the water. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    Thanks for your visit to my bird feeder. 🙂

  5. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I don’t know who took the photo – I think perhaps it was the boy’s dad, but as both his parents and my parents are dead, there is no-one to ask! Love your shadow shot and enjoyed your warning about slimy things with shells on their backs – I took a photo of one (with its shadow) this afternoon – I will have to remember to include a warning if I use it in a post!!

  6. Lovely, funny post, very energizing.
    I like your categorical tone and the warning at the beginning.
    Your little flier macro is a great capture.
    I am a macro lover too but the main subject is always a flower and eventually a small, innocent spider on it.

  7. Nope! Not freaked out by the wasp at all! Cool shot (am loving the shadow of the wasp-hey that would’ve been a great title, huh?).

  8. I’m fine with photos of ‘things’, what would life be like without them. Thanks for your visit (just as well you didn’t scroll down!)

  9. Eeeeek! Wasp! Actually I’m ok with wasp photos but spider pics freak me out a bit. So I’m glad you’ll provide a warning for any creepy spider pics. I’ll still look at them but I’ll move a little further back from the screen while doing so… 😉

    I love he colours in your wasp photo too!

    Have a great week!

  10. Ohhh…. yep, creepy goosebumps all over my skin now. When I was a kid I walked into a wasps next and got stung all over one side of my face and neck, so as I’m sure you can imagine, they freak me out now!

    • Oh Melanie. Sorry. How horrible and a good reason not to like them AT ALL! I suppose I’m lucky that the things that I am most scared of are pretty slow-moving and even if they did catch up with me, they’re not going to hurt me. Not that any of that reassures me at all. I won’t even type the name. That’s how much they creep me out!

  11. Thank you everyone who has visited. I love our little Shadow Shot community. I’m looking forward to next week! M x x

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